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We are about half way to E3 2013. WIth Sony and Microsoft's new consoles being the focal point of most conversations leading up to the trade show, we tend to forget that Nintendo just released a brand new home console. So far the WIi U's library is pretty bare, and the 3DS' library for that matter doesn't have that many "heavy hitters".  This E3 will outline Nintendo's future. So for those of you who are not Nintendo fans, or who are disgruntled by Nintendo's output as of late, how can Nintendo win you over this year at E3, and 2013 in general? If you haven't bought a Wii U, or 3DS, what could convince you to jump on the Nintendo bandwagon? I think that with an impressive E3, Nintendo can steal away some more open minded gamers who were waiting for Nextbox and PS4, and who might be dissapointed with the oft mediocre launch window of new consoles. With some strong titles, and improvements to their ecoystem, I think Nintendo could steal the show, bringing about a real launch for the Wii U, and a strong second half for the 3DS. 

I have both of Nintendo's products right now, but I am quite disappointed with the 3DS, and underwhelmed by the Wii U. Here is what would  impress me.

1. Metroid in some form. I'm craving a new installment from my favorite video game franchise. Something that wipes away the pissy taste of Other M. 3DS or Wii U, or preferably both, I need Metroid very soon. 

2. Improved 3DS support in general.  I have been extremely disappointed with my 3DS thus far. It's inital lukewarm reception sent Nintendo in a frenzy to make as many mediocre Mario games as they could. The last time I played a 3DS game was NSMB2, and the last time I enjoyed a 3DS game was Kid Icarus. Now days I use it for playing Metroid fusion. I've beaten it twice. New games please. 

3. Improved online- I hate to beat a dead horse (trust me this horse is dead it's corpse is rotting in my dumpster) but the online system is still not there. Miiverse is a good idea, but now they need to expand upon it. Messaging needs to be easier, there needs to be voice chat through the microphone, and the ability to join games(3DS has this feature).  I really like a lot of the people on my 3DS and Wii U friends list, but communicating with them is like pulling teeth from a Chimpanzee with AIDS. 

4. More exclusvie third party- I buy Nintendo systems for the exclusives. Whether they be third party or first. I know that the Wii U multiplats will be inferior to PS4 Nextbox versions, so I will just buy those on the more powerful systems. Bayonetta 2 was a nice gesture, they should do more of this. 

5. Retro- Whatever Retro is doing needs to be announced, and it needs to be something I care about. DKCR was one of my favorite Wii games, but it was really wasting Retro's potential. A 2D platformer from the studio that made Metroid Prime?! I want it to be at E3, and I want it to be ambitious. 

I feel that this E3 is a chance for Nintendo to either return to form, or officially become a company that I don't support anymore. I'm a huge Nintendo fan, but these past couple of years have been extremely disappointing. 


What do you want from Nintendo at E3/2013? What could win you over if you don't like/ haven't tried them out?


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More info on the new super smash bros. game, more Wii U exclusives, more 3rd party support, new ip and new game by retro studios.

one word: Zelda.

cuberandgamer said:
More info on the new super smash bros. game, more Wii U exclusives, more 3rd party support, new ip and new game by retro studios.

and some diamonds...

They don't need to do much. Maybe they could keep the support throughout Q2-Q3? That would be nice.
But the main thing they need to do is to not screw up the ending of their E3 Conference again, Nintendo totally bombed the last 10/20 minutes or so of their conference last year!

Carl is a Piplup hater and deserves to be punished eternally.

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Would be hard to downright win if the new consoles are announced by Sony and Microsoft. The buzz around a new console is always huge along with the prospective games announced. They would surely need to show lot of quality content coming to their platforms. It would be interesting to see what are their fall 2013 games for 3DS/Wii U.

3 letters and a #


1. Enternal Darkness 2
2. Super Smash bros
2.Achievements/trophies for online base i dont know what they can come up with.
3. more gamepad features to the t.v?
4. more new ip's

keep the ball rolling

Zelda, or Monolith's game, just that and I can die in peace.