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Jay520 said:

The Devil is depicted in the Christian Bible as being an evil being, and I'm sure most Christians agree with this depiction. Isn’t this unfair to the Devil? The only source we have to judge the Devil is through The Bible, which was written by only one party, God. For all we know, God twisted the story in a way that makes him seem like the “better man.” God could be boosting himself up while being unfair to the Devil. We only get one side of the story. Yet as we all know, there are two sides to every story. For all we know, the Devil could be a pretty nice guy.

I say we be reasonable about this situation and refrain from judging God or Satan until we get to hear both of their stories; it’s only fair. If two people got into a dispute, it would be silly to condemn one person without at least hearing his story, yet that is exactly how Satan is treated. I say this is grossly unfair to someone who could potentially be completely innocent. For all we know, God could have been lying about the Devil all along (No offence to God, just being fair here). I don’t think anyone can disagree with using fairness and reason to judge someone’s character.

Think about this for a second. What if the real God isn’t depicted in the Bible? Maybe, the real God wrote the Bible just to test us humans. Maybe, the real God intentionally created a story from only one biased perspective just to see if we would trust it. Maybe, the real God just wanted to see if we would condemn a poor soul without even hearing his story from his perspective. And to top it off, he made the Bible extremely persuasive with promises of eternal life to those who sided with God. This would be the ultimate test of fairness, and I’m afraid a lot of people have failed. 

Can anyone present any fair reasons to believe Satan is evil without using propaganda from God himself?

There are a few fatal issues with your post.

1. In Christianity, Satan is not a person, but rather the personification of temptation whose purpose is to tempt humanity to the path of idolitry. In earlier Jewish texts, Satan was the adversary of humanity, a prosecuter of humanity before God.

In most religious faiths, Christianity, Daoism, Buddhism, etc... They focus on a way to enlightenment. It is presented differently in different cultures, but is ultimately the same philosophy. Enlightenment is reached through a total rejection of idolitry (Or a devotion to earlthy objects). The force which tempts idolitry in Christian philosophy, as I mentioned above, is called Satan. Since The Way opposes idolitry, there is a logical opposition to temptation to idolitry. So Christianity opposes Satan for this reason.

2. The bible wasn't written by God, it was compiled by Christians in the 3rd through 5th centuries who compiled various manuscripts written by mystics who followed the way; 21 of the books in this compilation were canonized as religious scripture during the reign of Constantine in the 4th century, with six more additions later. There is also no reason you should attribute any of the writings to God since none of these manuscripts are in any way said to be written by God. Some of them are accounts of the life of Jesus (Gospels attributed to John, Luke, Mark, and Matthew), accounts of the doings of the Apostles (Acts, attributed to Luke), letters written to discuss the way (Pauline letters, obviously attributed to Paul), and metaphorical works meant for the purpose of divination (Revelation, attributed to John). On top of these books which were canonized, there were hundreds of others which were not.

3. In case you didn't gather it from point 2, the Bible isn't a single book. Rather, it's a collection of books from multiple traditions gathered between the time of Marcion of Sinope and the 5th century AD. Satan factors into many of these traditions, most prominently into Revelation.

4. The reason why "Satan" doesn't appear in other religions is because of etymology rooted in the Hebrew language, and philosophy rooted in Christian culture. Other religions have other representations rooted in other cultures, and other names rooted in other etymologies. For example, Buddhist tradition has Mara who is the Buddhist equivalent of Satan.

You should really post more often in these types of threads ;)

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The winner writes history to his/her liking.

I just love the replies in here, some creative, some just clever, all fun to read :)

I wouldn't say he is evil and created for God to put the blame on.

Satan was the favorite among Gods creations which made him arrogant and when God told his angels and Satan to bow to Adam (pbuh) he rejected. why should fire bow down to mud he asked. it was just unacceptable to him! In Islam he is not even an angel though he is made of fire like the Jinn while the angels are made of light and unlike the angels who have no free will all the Jinn do including Satan and that is why he by his on choice chose not to bow to Adam and obey God.

After God created Adam (pbuh) he created Eve. anyway long story short God told them not to eat from the fruit of a tree he pointed out. Satan saw this as an opportunity to make them do wrong so he made the tree desirable like the devil is so good at. so they finely disobeyed God and even though God forgave them for the their sin he told them that they will live on Earth until they die. Satan wanted to show God how many people he will make sin and wanted to live on Earth until the day of judgment. So God accepted this and allowed him to do so.

This was all Satan's choice just like we choose to do good and wrong. He just makes the things we want and are not allowed to do more desirable.

God will not blame Satan for what he is doing lol he could easily remove him from existence if he wishes! in the end ever human will only have themselves to blame for the actions they take!

    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(

''The Devil gave humans critical thinking, wich God didn't want. He wanted us to not eat eat from the tree of knowledge so we could basically be thought slave for eternity, but the devil come in. he did us a favor and turned the tables there with a single conversation.

Also, the devil killed a grand total of 10 people in the bible, while God killed somewhere around 2.3 milion.

He understands humain nature, but doesn't judge you for being humain. He accept God's unwanted children unconditionally. And still, he's the A**Hole.


Because he's the hero Humanity deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll hunt him Because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector.

Is the Dark Knight.''

- this is full of gold.

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As an agnostic person with a moderate understanding of a variety of religions, I have thought that the Devil being pure-evil was a little odd. From the outside the purpose of the devil seemed to be more like a prison warden, and it didn't make sense that he was pure evil; after all, his main job seems to be to punish people who did wrong in their life.

Years ago I though about using this as a premise of a story, where "The Devil" was a job description (essentially prison warden), Lucifer was the first devil who revolted against god because he thought it was cruel to surround people with temptation and then punish them for accepting it, and Beelzebub was the second Devil who followed the will of god without question; and Lucifer would be trying to tempt human kind to end the rule of god, while Beelzebub would be a sadistic tormentor of people who followed the wrong path.

i've posted this on facebook (and duplicated made another thread because i so wasn't paying attention) i hadn't had time to read it.

10 minutes later

i couldn't make an argument if i wanted to.

there is something called satanic bible too.you should read that

one of them is called "The Codex Gigas" (Giant Book) aka The Devil's Bible.


You say "fair" a lot. I think you have to come to terms that many things in this universe aren't "fair". Trying to put things on a even field just doesn't match the universe we live in.

Personally, if Satan was a nice guy, then he should have given visions to some human and let that person write his own "bible". He hasn't so far so safe to say he doesn't disprove those claims because they are true.

Also, I believe Jews believe in a devil, correct me if im wrong. If im right though....stop singling out Christianity as a big meanie bully. Hell even Islam believes in their own version of the devil.

These anti-christianity sentiments in Christian dominated countries of the world is very distressing.


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