What's your favorite console/handheld of all time and why?

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Any console or handheld you want, you can go to a maximum of 3 consoles.

For me it is:


PS2: Pro Evolution Soccer 6,Spongebob games, Lord of The Rings: Return of The King, San Andreas made an amazing experience

PS3: Same reasons as above, online play is great and it is a fun console.


Hands down, Gameboy Advance SP is my favorite handheld of all time and maybe even console, DS and PS VITA are up there but not close enough.

Simple design and simple button layout, alongside my favorite game of all time, Pokemon Ruby, made this handheld amazing!

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GoW 3, Uncharted 1/2, Killzone2/3 and red dead redemption are all part of my favorite games of all time. add to that AC2 and CoD MW2 and heavy rain which are all games that i loved. the last of us, GoW A and beyond two souls will all be icing on the cake

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Playstation 2

Best gaming selection, and it has timesplitters

360 for Halo and childhood classics on XBLA

Gameboy Color for Pokemon Blue and Zelda: Oracle of Ages.


Older and wiser. Still bias and proud though ;)

SNES is the only good answer to this question. There's Chrono Trigger, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy IV, Secret of Mana, Super Metroid, Super Mario Kart, Super Mario World, Star Fox, Donkey Kong Country 1,2,3, Super Punch Out!!, Super Castlevania IV, Yoshi's Island, Mega Man X series, Street Fighter II, Super Mario RPG, E.V.O. Search For Eden, Illusion of Gaia, etc...

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PS1, most of my favourite games are on that system and it came out in the first 3D generation.

PS1. It was my first console, and it has most of my favourite games.

Nintendo 64 simply for its games. I could make a long ass list of them, but I'm pretty sure I have already done it a couple of times recently.

As for handhelds, I gotta say the DS is the big winner: Super Mario 64 DS (with its awesome mini games, new stars and new levels), Mario Kart DS, Diddy Kong Racing DS, New Super Mario Bros., Mario Party DS and a shitload of great third party titles made this console earn the crown easily.

PS1: CDs were cool, the controller was great, the 3D graphics evolution, 2D graphic advancements over previous gen, great JRPGS, new IPs

PS3: powerful system, high quality build, XMB, apps, digital library, mulitmedia, new IPs, great shooters, great WRPGS, trophies, PS Plus

PS Vita: powerful system, high quality build, even more apps, cross controller, cross platform, cross save, cross buy, dual analogs, PS Plus, trophies, full digital library, PS Mobile, new IPs

Before the PS3 everyone was nice to me :(

PS2 for the sheer variety of games available on it; and DS for the same reason.


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