What are the 5 best video companies from 1986-1995?

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ID software, Sierra, Squaresoft, Nintendo, Working Designs

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1) Nintendo
2) Sega
3) Capcom
4) Squaresoft
5) Either Midway or Acclaim

Konami, Capcom, Nintendo, Square, Sega


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Maybe Sega

Don't know about the fifth, there are many companies with some good games.

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1. Bullfrog
2. Psygnosis
3. Maxis
4. Nintendo
5. Squaresoft

So yeah, I only started gaming in 1995, so only for a select few developers do I ever go back and try out their older stuff. These five, however (particularly Bullfrog and Psygnosis) I make a special effort to try all of their games and they remain a large amount of fun even today.

1. Nintendo, by a mile.
2. Capcom
3. Square
4. Konami
5. Sega



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In no particular order: Square, Enix, Nintendo, Sega, Rare.

I would have added Microprose to the list if the date went past 1996. In reality, within the genres that Microprose specialized in, KOEI and Maxis were far better than Microprose before 1996 (1996 saw Microprose release Master of Orion 2 and Civilization 2).

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Yeah, forgot Koei. I played Uncharted Waters, PTO, Nobunaga, ect til the cows came home. Honorable mention goes to Technosoft for Herzog Zwei and Thunderforce 3-4, but they kind of fall under the Sega Umbrella as did Treasure.