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Watch out for puddles!

Although Lara is an adept swimmer in the Tomb Raider series, the upcoming reboot will apparently chronicle a time when she still needed floaties. On the upside, this was a time when she adopted Wolverine’s regeneration powers.

What exactly am I talking about, you ask? Crystal Dynamics global brand director Karl Stewart recently went on Twitter to answer fans’ questions about the game. Among the responses was information about the following (click to see tweets):

The game’s length, which will reportedly clock in at a respectable 12-15 hours.

12 to 15 + depending on your play style.

Whether or not Lara can swim. Hint: she can’t. Or at least she can, potentially, but she’s unable to do so in the game. Confusing, I know. At least this means there won’t be water levels.

Lara can swim, but just not in this game.

The game will most likely have a few references (and maybe Easter Eggs) to the first game.

You’ll just have to wait and see.

The story will have plenty of twists, much like my favorite drinking straw.

We love twists here at Crystal D.

A sequel is definitely on the cards if the game does well.

Why of course.

Finally, the subject of health was touched upon. Let’s just say no medkits will be found within the game.

Regenerative. No need for items.

A Fire Rises.

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lara is an X-MEN confirmed lol

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No real water levels is a bit disappointing. Still I think I'm going to enjoy it very much.

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Regenerative health? I thought the game was going in a survivalist direction... :(

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F0X said:
Regenerative health? I thought the game was going in a survivalist direction... :(

I was really hoping for that too. I hate the fact that you can run to cover and hide until your health comes back and then start mindlesly shooting again. Kind of dissapointed. Guess the Last of Us will be the true survival game next year.

A Fire Rises.

She no longer has huge boobs to keep her afloat.

Well, I think I'll be passing on this game.


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Galaki said:
What devil fruit did you eat?

I wonder how many users will understand this post

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voty2000 said:
She no longer has huge boobs to keep her afloat.