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This must be a Canadian thing, but, I saw Wii systems filled up behind the locked glass shelves. It's not sold out at all. In fact, nobody were even there.

I didn't get pulled by the interwebs hype and didn't buy it, of course.

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People don't seem to be particularly excited about the Wii, so what you observed may also hold true for the USA.

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Nintendo d0med, confirmed. Again.

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well offcourse the Wii isnt sold out now that the WiiU has launched.



Cobretti2 said:
well offcourse the Wii isnt sold out now that the WiiU has launched.



i'm confused...  I think he was talking about the wii u

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Wow, that's really surprising. I just heard on the news that Wiis were in short supply since people were picking up two at a time along with a Kindle Paperwhite and a roll of duct tape to suffice for all of the WiiU shortages.

why would there be a hype on wii now????????????????
...............only in canada


I am quite surprised as well. Might it be the fact that canadians are just not into high-end gaming?

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wii not sold out?.. hmm strange.. but then again I got mine about 6 years ago.. so who really knows whats happening.


The WiiU is sold out in Europe.. you can't get one anywhere


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