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Just to clarify this is not an official forbes articles but part of their community site, like a blog or forum post.

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WindyCityHeat said:
Vita failing would really solidify the fact that people want low quality sub-par handheld experience on mobile/3ds.

Vita success would obviously be good for the industry. I'm not sure developers love working on shovelware.

Ehm, as it stands, no game on Vita game has enticed me to buy this system while my 3DS library is growing at a faster rate than any handheld I've ever owned due to the amount of high quality titles pouring out. As I've seen no Vita game which definitely looks superior to a 3DS game either, I'm still left wondering what this supposed 'high quality' is supposed to be.

I agree on the mobile point though, Vita games are of higher quality than mobile games, but as it stands; 3DS = Vita x 10. Apparently I'm not the only one, as sales show.

It's not Forbes it's some random unedited blog dude writing on Forbes. Might as well be a bad forum post.

Come now guys, don't judge it before it's had its first holidays period! That's preposterous!

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CCFanboy said:
WindyCityHeat said:
Vita failing would really solidify the fact that people want low quality sub-par handheld experience on mobile/3ds.

Vita success would obviously be good for the industry. I'm not sure developers love working on shovelware.

Sub par? 3ds? Tales? Metal gear? Resident evil? Tekken? Dead or alive? Street fighter? Kingdom hearts? The mario games? Ocarina? As far as I'm concerned 3ds does everything my psp did and combines it with ds. That is the reason I don't see a need in vita. Nintendo > sony.

No offense but your list reminds me why I'm not interested in the 3DS in the slightest. An uninspired ocean of remakes, ports and sequels. Developers need to focus more on new approaches to gameplay and original ideas. I have enough innovate new concepts to fuel a company like Activision or EA and I'm just some random guy who doesn't have anything to do with game development, what's wrong with these developers?

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WindyCityHeat said:
Vita failing would really solidify the fact that people want low quality sub-par handheld experience on mobile/3ds.

Vita success would obviously be good for the industry. I'm not sure developers love working on shovelware.

Judging reviews across releases for both platforms, it would appear that Vita is providing a "low quality sub-par handheld experience" and the 3DS is a shining example of a positive experience. :P

The future of the video game industry is interesting to imagine. While the handheld market is not dying as it seems to just be lowering back down to traditional levels (after the huge DS craze brought in a lot of non-traditional gamers who have now left), it is discouraging to see that it is not growing like the tablet and smartphone markets are.

happydolphin said:

Many called this before it happened, but the business model is flawed. What western 3rd party dev in their right minds would create a AAA experience to rival console offerings for IPs like COD and AC when the home console market is infinitely larger in comparison, with 2 main platforms to support it?

Potential user-base on X360+PS3 for CoD-Black Ops 2 or Assassin's Creed 3 is about 100-140 million worldwide so even if 5% of those get the game, it can be a huge success.

Potential user-base of PS-Vita for both those franchises is 2-3 million worldwide so even if 100% of those get the game, it wont be as successful as the Console version.

This naturally directly influences the kind of development teams and budgets that get allocated to PS-Vita. Further more, without a system-seller type software or better marketing by Sony, more hardware for PS-Vita simply wont move.

Maybe if they already had PS+ instant game library and were using standard SDHC or SDXC memory cards instead of expensive proprietary format... they might be able to convince more PS3 PS+ fans to get their handheld and increase that portable machine user base. But then the games they offer can't just be portable versions of games those people play on PS3. The games have to make sense on portable, be unique, be fun.

3DS is doing very well compared to PS-Vita so I don't think it is the market that is not willing to buy dedicated game machines, it is a failure of marketing, brand awareness, and most important... the damn thing is just too expensive (even the 3DS was failing at $250 until the price drop turned things around for it).

Nsanity said:



This fall was supposed to be the time for the Playstation Vita to kick it into gear. Sony’s struggling handheld got two major versions of AAA releases recently – first, Assassin’s Creed: Liberation, and second, Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified.  Amongst a few other releases, those games could have been the keystones of a stronger Vita lineup and an answer to the oft-repeated call that there are just no games for the Vita. That hasn’t happened.

Reviews for Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified have come out recently, and the game is getting panned within an inch of its life. It’s currently got a 32 on Metacritic. Frequently appearing words include “mess,” “disappointing,” and “embarrassment.” Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation is fairing a bit better at 70, but it’s a far cry from the killer app that could finally juice lagging sales.

Liberation wasn’t a bad game – not great, just good. It had a brown color scheme that had a way of looking muddy on the small screen, and it contained a tiny, tiny fraction of the content in Assassin’s Creed 3, but the core experience was intact, if buggy. That’s not good enough for the Vita. The Vita needs to prove that a powerful, dedicated gaming handheld is not only adequate but necessary, and it’s still struggling to do that.

These two games reveal an uncomfortable fact about the Vita – it still doesn’t have games that can stand up to its older console brother, and yet it costs the same. Aside from the $250 system, the games cost less, but barely less – Black Ops Declassified is $10 less than Black Ops 2, but appears to have a small fraction of the content. Same goes for Liberation — smaller game, disproportionately big price. In a world where these games are at least theoretically competing with the best of the iPhone, making the argument that they are 40-50 times better than a $1 game becomes laughable.

I imagine that both of these games went into production long before the Vita started to put up the disappointing sales numbers that have characterized its short life so far. In the future, it could be even harder to get big name developers signing on to make new products for the handheld. Either Sony needs to swoop in with some serious first-party muscle, or this system is going to fizzle.



While there is a lot of truth to what was said here I don't think the comparisons to iphone games are fair. 3ds continues to deliver hit games that sell decently well. Fans of traditional gaming don't care that iphone games are cheap. They are cheap because there are no buttons. It's an inferior experience to these type of gamers.

Panama said:
All of a sudden Gravity Rush and LBPV don't exist.

In the world of gaming journalism, you're only as good as your last game

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bouzane said:
If Sony doesn't do something to stimulate Vita sales soon *cough* massive price cut *cough* then third party support will dry up. Personally, I think much damage has already been done, they should have slashed the price months ago.

By how people is seeing the VITA, and by how the media is treating it; a price would only increase the sales by a small bump, and then it would countinue to do as it is doing now.  Sony need more popular AAA games and a price cut in order to entice the people to buy it.  And for that they need more than 1 studio to be focused exclusively for the platform.