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Commander Keen, well none of my friends know about it I don't know if you guys do.

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 At least 62 million Wii sold by the end of 09 or my mario avatar will get sad

cybernater m/

i have loads...
mickey mouses magical adventure (actually very very good)- snes
pop n twinbee rainbow island - snes
bob - snes
metal marines - snes
super troll - snes
king arthur - snes
actually there all snes, and i love them all.

Rugrats Scavenger hunt

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Unknown and great?

Zelda 2

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Back from the old days of PC gaming Starflight 2: Trade Routes of the Cloud Nebula was awsome

Aero the Acrobat on Genesis/SNES was pretty damn good.

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Wurm:  Journey to the Center of the Earth (NES).

Day Dreamin' Davey (NES).

Fire Power 2000 (SNES).

StarLancer (PC).

i loved mickeys magical quest when i played. well im sure most people know of it and probably hate it, but i loved Doshin the giant.

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