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Can I get a video of an F1 race? I'm not too familiar with that sport, so maybe they're allowed to use ABS. But any car without ABS will lock its wheels if you brake too hard, and the driver does not want that.

ABS have been banned in F1 since 1994, I think. You can see them locking the brakes in races. Qualifying example:


Edit: They use carbon brakes which are almost impossible to control with the pedal. Of course they calibrate the brakes accordingly to each track.

What does that mean? And I didn't really see the wheels locking in that video. When did it happen?

With carbon brakes, you brake... or don't. There's no middle term.

If you want to see brakes locking (at 1:01):


How can you tell the brakes locked? If brakes lock, the wheel locks, the tire locks => smoke.

You can see smoke from the front right wheel at 1:01, and from the front left wheel of the Ferrari at 1:12...

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Depends on your own preference, mine being an Xbox controller. Feels more natural for me..

Right. Because you can judge what's best when you use your own opinion for stating all the pro points.
Just like my mouse is the best because I like it best.


edit: guy above said it

When I played Crysis 2 on Ps3. I keep on accidentally pressing the melee button instead of shooting the gun. Same experience for my friends that I played with over PSN.

I play alot of FPS on both platforms (Depending on what my friends play on). This kind of implication never happened to my 360 controller.


I think it's a matter of preference only. Though I am a long PS2 and PS3 controller user, I can firmly grip the 360 controller. Playing Gears of War was a charm with it. I played long sessions of Fifa too. But it seems the long time play put some stress on the hand specially the left one.

PS3 controllers pressure sensitive buttons are very good, 360's Trigger button is also better. I would love if I could use a PS3 controller on the 360 or vice versa.

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I already knew this :)

Player2 said:

ultima said:

How can you tell the brakes locked? If brakes lock, the wheel locks, the tire locks => smoke.

You can see smoke from the front right wheel at 1:01, and from the front left wheel of the Ferrari at 1:12...

Oh I see now. It's still undesirable. Going from a controller to a wheel is a huge difference for me mainly because of the control I get over the brake and throttle levels. But even with a controller I try my best to not be applying full pressure. It does affect the car.


Trentonater said:

Aside from that awful D-pad this is something that is almost always overlooked in comparisons of the two controllers. The playstation control measures how hard the top buttons are pressed while the Xbox controller's buttons sit stiff and just register a press as a press. In games you are capable of lightly pressing a button for different effects. This is best illustrated in the HD metal gear games which allowed you to lightly press to aim then hold to shoot. Something that is impossible in the Xbox versions. This could be an inportant feature in many games like a platformer but it wouldn't be there due to the xbox. It annoys me that this is almost never brought up in discusions.


The ps3 controller is my preference especially for beat'em ups, platformers, and fighting games. I have never had a problem with it it being uncomfortable as I hold all my controllers with my fingers rather than my palm (somthing you shouldn't do anyway as it can lead to hand injuries after a certain amount of time).

1.  I don't think anybody ignores the 360 D-Pad, it's awful.  The clicky-twist one is better, but it's still pretty bad.  That's pretty much a given.

2.  I didn't even know the PS3 had pressure sensitive buttons-- that's how much they're used.  

3.  From the sounds of it, the few games that do use them don't use them well.  Even without people saying that I can still tell they're confusing to use.

4.  The PS3 controller is too light for me, it has no weight.

5.  The PS3 triggers are awful, as bad as the 360's D-Pad.  Luckily I rarely use the D-Pad but I use the triggers all the time.

6.  I have big hands so the spacing of the two analogue sticks on the PS3 controller is bad because my thumbs often hit each other.

So yeah, I much prefer the 360 controller.

Both are good. The Box controller feels more comfortable but the Dualshock looks cooler. And I don´t like the positioning of the left Analog Stick on the Xbox controller.

Ah, yes. The analog face buttons. The reason why I couldn't possibly do a consistent combo in The Bouncer. It had combos that required a soft, soft, hard press or something like that. When I tried it, the controller kept reading them wrong. This was included in Metal Gear Solid and it worked pretty well, though.

In Metal Gear, you hold the button down to shoot. Certain guns wouldn't actually shoot until you released the button (you could slowly release the button to put your weapon away, too). Other weapons would let you aim but wouldn't fire until you pressed the button hard.

Aside from that rare moment, I'm having a really hard time thinking of any game that would benefit from analog face buttons (since duration of a button press is what decided strength these days) or any game other than the Metal Gear games that ever did benefit.

In the end, it another thing that is different on one console that isn't on the other so we automatically make a big deal about it like it's a gamechanger. Nobody notices or even cares about that these days. It's almost like the Dual Shock 3 having built in motion controls. It's a non-issue.

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