Call of Duty Black ops 2 spotted at best Buy for WiiU

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Of course for preorder


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Wii U mad?

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its a no brainer.

I hope so. Pointer+online feature=big win. After being addicted to Goldeneye for so long I have been waiting for a good call of duty game that used the pointer system.

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Makes sense for it to come to wii U at launch.

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alfredofroylan! You're back!

This one has been a no-brainer, though. Good to see it spotted in the wild

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This should sell pretty well especially due to the fact that it won't be a "dumbed down" version as older COD games on Wii have been.

It should be graphically be just as good or better than PS3 or 360 versions of the game and as long as Nintendo has fixed their online functionality then it should have great matchmaking as well.

but im tired of CoD
so i might choose Batelfield 4 for next year....i dont know war games are getting to the saturation point...and future war is my less favourite theme...

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Any who, good... goooood.

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@MR Khan: I guess I wasn't the only one that left this for some time...

On topic: This shouldn't be a suprise to me, but I don't even know if this game announced or not...

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