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Who is the worst?

Sony Fanboys 222 35.75%
Microsoft Fanboys 108 17.39%
Nintendo Fanboys 69 11.11%
Apple Fanboys 133 21.42%
Android Fanboys 12 1.93%
PC Gaming Fanboys 36 5.80%
Other (Please Specify) 40 6.44%

lulz @ mld, the only time he was relevant was when that idiot elpresador made him relevant

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Mandalore76 said:
jayman1 said:
Xbox fanboys are the worst. They ignore the fact that they pay for online and that the united states is the only country Xbox outsells sony.I have been with Sony since its inception. I have bought all 3 systems of playstation. I love the fact that the same ppl who bought ps1 and ps2 have jumped ship to greedy microsoft with the xbox.Microsoft is a greedy corporation. They put out bad xbox's(red rings of death)to get a head start over sony for years and did not care about there customers .Yet Xbox fanboys will talk smack about ppl who stay loyal to sony.Sony has free online and has strived for great products.I will not just jump ship after enjoying such great games over the 16 year Playstation cycle.For this im a Sonyfanboy. Next time a women or man cheats or backstabs you thats an xbox fan. You will see how greedy microsoft is with windows 8 and all the crap there gonna try and squeeze out of everyones market shares.

I love video games in general.  I don't only own one specific system and despise another for no particular reason.  When all of the consoles were reasonably priced, I simulataneously owned multiple consoles.  I had an N64 and a Sony Playstation and enjoyed games on both.  I owned a Gamecube, Play Station 2, and an XBox and enjoyed games on all of them.  However, when Sony lost sight of their "gaming audience" and priced their PS3 at $600 and started referring to it as a "multimedia device" instead of a gaming console, they lost me for the generation.  I wasn't about to buy a $399 XBox 360, followed by a $250 Wii, followed by a $699 PS3.  That's $1,300 just in hardware!  So, PS3 was the logic choice to skip this generation.  Especially considering the fact that in terms of Hardcore games, the XBox 360 is just as good.  Halo's, Gears of War's, multiplatform Call of Duty's... And, I've played Fallout 3 on both my XBox 360 and my brother's PS3, and I saw no difference that would make me want to own a 3rd console this generation.  By the time PS3's price came down, for me, it just seemed an unnecessary purchase.  Judging by the fact that close to 90 million fewer people bought a PS3 than there were PS2 owners, while Xbox 360 owners increased from XBox by over 42 million, and Wii owners increased over Gamecube by over 74 million; it's safe to assume that video gamers value playing video games on a reasonably priced console over purchasing a ridiculously priced console just because it plays movies on Blue Ray.  I'm not out and out knocking PS3 as a system as much as I am saying Sony took a severe misstep this generation considering they are the exact same company by pricing Sega and the Dreamcast out of business by simply walking to the podium and announcing the PS2 would retail at $299 moments after Sega unveiled Dreamcast as $399.  It has nothing to do with being loyal to one company or another.  It has to do with a company knowing their consumer.  The fact that they went from 1st place last generation to last place this entire generation tells me that they lost sight of who their consumer was, and subsequent price cuts never got a majority of them back.  To this day, I still enjoy playing my PS2, but in so far as this generation goes, they lost my business.  Maybe next generation will be different.  Who knows?  But, if they build a phone into the PS4's remote and start calling it a "communication's device" instead of a video game console and price it at $899, then you can be sure I will pass again and stick to reasonably priced systems that provide the same level of entertainment for those of us who are primarily interested in playing video games on our video game consoles.

I agree with the spirit of your wall of unbroken text, but I do want to point out that the Sega Dreamcast launched at $199.99 on 9/9/99. I know because I drove three hours to stand in line for my Dreamcast. The PS2 was the more expensive system. Those few years with the Dreamcast at its prime were truly great. It's too bad so many "gamers" decided to skip the stellar Dreamcast in favor of waiting for the PS2. They really missed out and now we all miss out on all the experimental games Sega used to developer on their systems because it cost them almost nothing. Sometimes it was great, other times it was just interesting, but it was always good for the industry.

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room414 said:

multiplatform fanboys

"Ooooh I own every console and a gaming pc! I'm a REAL gamer!"

fuck off

NintendoPie said:
MonstaMack said:
ManUtdFan said:

Nice lowblow to someone who doesn't frequent here anymore (correct me if I'm wrong.) that's about as close as to mocking a dead person.


Tie between Sony and Apple fanboys.

How do you know if he wouldn't do it even if Seece was still around?

I didn't say I know. It's just not very mature to "Kick someone when they are down"".

It's just that simple.

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CGI-Quality said:
Slimebeast said:
GeneralMLD is cool and a true man, showing his face to an army of haters. Most of our members secretly wish they were as brave and bold as him.

I sometimes wonder if you post some of things that you do just to get a reaction from people.

He isn't standing up against "haters", he does just what they do (and many of them aren't "haters" at all, they just know a person with an extreme bias when one comes along). In a sense, he's what you'd call a guy that was once part of a specific faction, in their little crowd, but now seeks to take them on.........with their own tactics. Not exactly commendable, but hey, whatever floats the boat.

Not in this case, but sure, if I am self-critical for a moment, I think it sometimes can happen that I post stuff to get a reaction, but it's more done sub-consciously rather than intentional. So I do not admit to trolling, but I think the basic psychological mechanism - the urge to want a reaction from other people - might be similar.

About GeneralMLD, the key thing is that he is the underdog. That's what the Xbox-Sony fanboy war is mostly about from the Xbot perspective. We are many who hate the superior attitude of Sony fans, not Sony or its products themselves, and that's why we have sided with the underdog and sometimes we take on the full fanboy role of pretending Xbox is the best thing since sliced bread.

But you can see the blink in the eye of GeneralMLD. He is not dead serious. He's just a lonely hero standing up against the fanatical Sony army.

I don't know...
Maybe M$ Fanboys who thinks 360 is better than PS3? Or Sony fanboy who think PS3 better than 360?

Probably James Bond fan boys. Who cares if Sean Connery is better than Daniel Craig and why?

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360 fanboys:

"ooh we have tales of vesperia, the best japanese rpg"
game sells poorly, goes out of print, namco doesn't wanna hear about the west for 3 years

"ooh we have FF XIII too"
 game is simplified and made a lot easier to fit the 360 market, sells less than half of what it does on the PS3

"Bayonetta is better on the 360 baby"
sells less on the 360

 people should learn to put their money where their mouth is

 I'll give you that Sony people display unbearable arrogance

 I couldn't care less about Apple fans, Apple is not about technology, it's about showing off, it's about selling both overpriced AND useless tech status symbols

spurgeonryan said:
Manunited , seems to think he did. He did like pokemon^

I take it you never saw Sources thread. Nevermind.