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Protagonist - Doesn't monologue, doesn't think aloud, and keeps his/her cakehole shut in general for over 90% of the game. Not a boring, emotionless iceberg of a character, just not particularly chatty either. (Can't think of any specific game, there's quite a few games with silent protagonists out there)

Story - Takes control away from the player as rarely as humanly possible and makes uncovering most of the backstory entirely optional. Avoids clichés and black-and-white characterizations. (Metroid Prime comes to mind)

Gameplay - Super Metroid. Just Super Metroid.

Musical score - Melodic rock-style soundtracks are really up my alley. (Mega Man X and Super Castlevania IV. I didn't even have to think about this one.)

Setting and atmosphere - Same as the one above the above.

Intro - Doesn't drag on. Gives me a basic idea of what I am and where the Hell I should go. (Again, I can't think of a specific example)

Ending - After a boss battle with a giant alien-brain-mutant-fetus-monster-thing in space, you get greeted by a nice soothing picture of the sea, with a Hitler/Stalin-esque dictator in the background, laughing in his unmentionables atop a hijacked alien spacecraft. Then the credits roll with some nice 24(?)-bit music. (As far as I know, Metal Slug 3 is the only game so far with that kind of ending. Pity, really.)

Online - Don't really care, as long as it isn't completely borked. I'm more into local.

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To me it boils down to if the game was fun and kept me coming back for more. Some of my favorite games this generation are Earth Defense Force 2017, Nier, Super Meat Boy, Resistance series, the Halo's, Ratchet and Clank, Ninja Blade, Alan Wake, Bayonetta and Vanquish. All these games have different qualities and there is no set thing that makes me love a game. Gameplay is first and foremost the most important aspect of all the games listed so gameplay is important to me.

Now Graphics, Story, Music don't impact me too much. I like the Uncharted games but only for the stories and they don't suck me in very much. I thought the gameplay was meh. I liked them just didn't love them. Then you have a game like God of War series which I love but I didn't have that feeling inside that makes me want to go back to the game when I quit playing simply because I don't like Kratos as a character but everything else is great.

I guess what I'm getting at is that for me there is no set definition of perfection because the games I like have differing qualities and can't simply be summed up into categories. I fell in love with the stories in Nier and Alan Wake and that was the reason I loved them but games like Vanquish had a crappy story but I loved them just the same. It boils down to does the game suck me in.

Kantor said:

An excellent example of each:

Main Character: Assassin's Creed 2 (Ezio)

Story: Heavy Rain

Gameplay: Many. Arkham City is a good example.

Musical Score: Shadow of the Colossus

Setting and Atmosphere: BioShock

Introduction: inFamous

Ending: The Witcher

Online: Call of Duty 4. There, I said it.

Nice choices.

for me it would be

Main character: Naked snake MGS3. For once the main character gets a real beating several times and still come off bad ass. Even though he's a soldier they give him heart.

Story: I agree heavy rain. The start to finish I was entranced in the story.

Gameplay: Maybe Battlefield 3.

Musical score: Any MGS, Harry Gregson-Williams is a genious.

Setting and Atmospere: Silent Hill 2.

Introduction: MGS2. Solid snake walking along th broklyn bridge in the rain then jumping off onto the boat is the intro that will stay with me for a long time

Ending: MGS4. People might say thsi was a cop out but one that ended like it should. Kojima did the right thing in my opinion.

Online: Also agree cod4 because at the time it defined a new age of online gaming

I think for me, I think new experiences and unique gameplay are when I have the most fun with games.

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All of the above, especially originality, Ocarina of Time, Shadow of the Colossus, Heavy Raiin!

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correct the title please
Metroid Prime series is the perfect example
great visuals, tight controls, original concept, polished gameplay mechanincs, great progression, inspired ost...


Main character - Which main character is the coolest, nicest, cutest or just damn right brilliant?

- Conker!!

Story - Is there a story that made you cry? What about related to you somehow? Or still stays in your mind to this very day.

- The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask


Gameplay - The best game you've had the pleasure to control.

- Super Smash Bros series


Musical score - The game that contained the best musical score. Made you feel like a badass, soft and gooey or something like that.

- Pretty much any game made by Rare: Diddy Kong Racing, Golden Eye, Perfect Dark, Banjo-Kazooie series. All of them (plus more) nailed down the music perfectly on every stage. Robin Beinland is simply a genius.


Setting and atmosphere - What game made you feel like you was there? Made you tense? Gave you goosebumps?

- Halo: CE

Intro - The best intro to a game ever. So cool it would make Samuel L  Jackson kiss its feet.

- Donkey Kong 64


Ending - A game that wrapped things up nicely, jerked a tear or smile from ear to ear.

- Super Mario 64, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/The Wind Waker, the actual ending to Conker's Bad Fur Day


Online modes - Something that's creative or an unoriginal online model but done very well.

- Halo 2


Still open for peoples opinions. The more the better.


There are 8 catergories. Tell me what is you favorite game that represents that catergory the best and why. It doesn't to original or unique but simply the best. Answer to all 8 catergories or just 1. All is apreciated.

See if you game and reasons make it into our article.


Main character - Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid 1), Cloud (Final Fantasy VII), Samus (any Metroid but Other M)

Story- Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantays VII, Final Fantasy X, Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, StarCraft (Brood War)

Gameplay - Mario platformers (2D and 3D), Mega Man games, Resident Evil 4, Mario Kart games (I could go on and on in this category since it's the most important of them all)

Musical score - Final Fantasy games (except XIII and XIII-2 which have horrible music), Secret of Mana, Donkey Kong Country games, Chrono Trigger, Mario Galaxy

Setting and atmosphere - Resident Evil 2, Silent Hill, Diablo I and II

Intro - Final Fantasy VIII (Liberi Fatali!!!), Super Metroid (The last Metroid is in captivity, the galaxy is at peace)

Ending - Final Fantasy X, Metal Gear Solid 3, Chrono Trigger (because there's so many!)

Online modes - StarCraft, Diablo, Mario Kart Wii, Super Smash Bros. Brawl (sue me)


I'll post reasons for some categories later.

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