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What did you think of Microsoft's E3?

Best E3 EVER! 21 3.65%
Best MS E3 I've seen in a while 11 1.91%
Great! 30 5.21%
It was decent 65 11.28%
Meh... 130 22.57%
Just...no 115 19.97%
Worst E3 ever! 107 18.58%
See results 92 15.97%

Ok that's pretty cool!

We made a map like that ourselves...but to have one changing as the show is running is awesome.

All hail the KING, Andrespetmonkey

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zgamer5 said:
TruckOSaurus said:
Skeeuk said:

Halo 4, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Gears trailer, Forza spinoff then tons of shit.

gears dont you mean fable?? didnt yet see any gears

I guess you missed it then.

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Stop spoiling stuff MF! I haven't watched this stuff already.






damn ms are really helping nokia

Being in 3rd place never felt so good

yo_john117 said:
Freaking weak >:(

The garbage next store neighbor came over just before it started to bitch at us about something.

Haterz gonna hate

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hatmoza said:
They are spoiling SHerlock 2! I didn't watch it yet!


So exciting

looks like Microsoft will be using a tablet controller as well for Xbox 3

Before the PS3 everyone was nice to me :(

Maybe I'm not evolved enough, but I still can't watch a show and read a map at the same time.

dahuman said:
mother fucker............ maybe Sony or Nintendo will save me later, this E3 is starting out fucking terribly other than the Halo 4 showing so far.

Don't worry, Nintendo has been boring since 2010. They're due for an interesting conference.

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