Highest amount of playthroughs YOU have ever done?

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Deus Ex (the original): 20+ times. I lost count but I always have at least 1 playthrough a year on top of the 10+ times I played it through when I first got it. Every now and then I'll still find something I didn't notice before or rediscover something long forgotten. Amazing game.

Final Fantasy VII: Probably around 10 times now
Dragon Age Origins: 6 times
Mass Effect 1 & 2: 5 times each
Half-Life 2: 6 times
Uncharted 1 & 2: 4 times each

I play most WRPGs, Metal Gear Solids, Tomb Raiders and FPS' at least twice.

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FFVII = 8 times
Metal Gear Solid = 5 times
Metal Gear Solid 4 = 5 times

Either SRW J, SRW Z2, FE7 or FE:Radiant Dawn

Lost count.

All close to 10 playthroughs though. Might not seem like much but they're all very long games.


I love this movie!!

I played Ocarina of Time, I don't even know how many times. 20? I used to play it again and again.

I probably played at least a hundred games of Alpha Centauri. That's kind of different as it's a "game" where the map is random each time, not really a "playthrough."

I can't do it anymore. (except with civ-like games where it's randomized) Once I play through something once I'm pretty much done with it. Maybe a couple years later I'll play it again but usually not.

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either one of the super smashes since you have to beat that like 100 times to unlock people

but, a 360 game called project slypheed i played like 15 times through, i still have to do it like another 5 times to unlock all the achievements remaining. i do about 3 missions per week so every month i beat the game almost once.

Ocarina of time, mabye about 10 times give or take


Jak and Daxter = 6
Jak II = 5
Jak 3 = 4
Jak X = 2

Played them one after the other when a new one was about to come out. Now playing the first 3 again with the Jak and Daxter trilogy.

Although it just made me realize that J&D games are better than UC. Wish ND would make another one. Or another trilogy about Jak and the gang going back in time and creating Haven city.

Well the only game i've played a stupid amount of time over and over is FFVII i've played it through every year since i got it in 98 so i'd say around 16 times due to playing it through on 2 holidays on a PSP as well a little addicted to that game!

I must have played Max Payne through a good 7 - 8 times and the second game a good 4 - 5 not one for going back to many games though