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Outspoken Wedbush Media Securities analyst spoke at Ayzenberg’s A-List Summit 2012


Michael Pachter, video game analyst for Wedbush Morgan Securities, delivered a keynote at the fourth annual Ayzenberg A-List Summit 2012, put on by the all-purpose game marketing, PR and publishing firm. With the conference focusing on “The Consumer Courtship,” Pachter focused his speech on how the social landscape is already affecting the gaming industry and how will it will trend. 


Pachter delved into the role of social gaming and its relationship to all platforms. And he explored what the future holds for publishers and developers building brands in this space, which discussing what strategies and tactics are best employed to attract new players as the category matures. But the outspoken analyst did take questions at the end of his entertaining talk. And he was asked about Nintendo. “I think Nintendo is in disarray,” said Pachter. “I think they’ve completely blown the Wii U by not telling people what the price is going to be. It’s going to launch at $249 because it has to. I think they’re dead anyway because Xbox with Kinect will be priced below that by the time they launch.” During his keynote, Pachter said the “Wii was a bubble and that the Wii bubble has burst.” Wii gamers are now playing social games like FarmVille. He said that Nintendo had great success with the Wii, and actually pushed gaming further into the mainstream with its Blue Ocean policy than even the company had planned. But the influx of social games and quality mobile games on tablets and smartphones has killed the Wii. And he believes it will ultimately kill Nintendo’s handheld business. Regarding the Wii U, Pachter believes Microsoft and Sony will ship their new hardware, PlayStation 4 and Xbox Next, with 4GB hard drives. But he said Nintendo will release Wii U without any hard drive. When asked about rumors that Microsoft might launch Xbox Next for $600, Pachter said if that happens, “no one’s going to buy it.”

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I think Patcher owes me money since I said the wii was a bubble WAY before he did

I like Pachter but his reasoning on this is whack :-S why is WiiU doomed because the price hasn't been announced, unless he's insinuating that mean's it's got a high price point, I can't think of anything else. Pretty stupid comment.


The Wii U is dead because Nintendo didn't announce a price yet? That doesn't make sense at all.

This guy gets dumber by the week.

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Pachter going senile?


he is saying it because the Wii u has more or less the same power as the ps360 and those cost less than whatever price nintendo can announce now, which is why he mentions the 360 + kinect for 200 as an obstacle for nintendo

dd if = /dev/brain | tail -f | grep games | nc -lnvvp 80

it is impossible to predict nintendo , after the wii ,,
patcher is about as stupid as they come isn;t this the same guy who said the 3ds was doomed due to its slow start ? isn't this the same guy who said vita would out sell it once it came out ? isnt this the same guy who said nintendo was dead after the gamecube? and i guess this is the same kind of guy who supports apple and other ngage type hardware? im guessing so , because hes the only one who came out and said nintendo is dead, no one agrees with him because he is and will always be proven wrong , just like the 3ds

and after reading the lines

xbox next and ps4 will ship with 4 gig hard drives --- im sorry if thAT Happens why would wii u be dead? im already running low on my xbox360 and ps3 hard drives ,  250 and 60 gig respectivelly    so how do they think a 4 gig is enough space heck the xbox 360 launched with 20 gig and that was not enough and 720 for $600? i guess that would put it where ps3 is this gen now wouldn't it


also the past says the least powerful most innovative console wins every time ---- except nes snes those were power houses .,    but since sony  entered no home console or handheld for that matter won the race on power alone


he is smoking im serious because if what he says is true about ps4 720 that is giving us reasons to go out and just buy a wii u because it can use external hard drives -100  buckis at walmart for a 500 gig ,

and hcsd cards-32 gig maybe even higher those are cheap and 32 gig is alot more hten 4 gig lol

and since wii u probably wont require all those gigs per download look at wii , i have alot of games on a 2 gig card and still have room!


on the contrary my 360 went from 20 gig to 250 gig and only has 50 gigs left so whats that tell you-  it tells me nintendo may not offer a expensive maditory hardrive but the memory it has is far then enough for loads of vc titles ,  and game saves  in comparision and since sds are only 20 freaking bucks or less why not!

who wants to spend 120 every time they run through space on their hard drive? not me -- sorry 3 times was enough


and since wii u  will be the only next gen console on the market for a while i think patcher is full of it,


it may start off slow or it can boom like wii we dont know nintendo is as about as hard to estimate in my book ,  if you look at how they werei n the gc era you would have been wrong claiming doom thanks to the wii and since 3ds is picking up sales one after the other and starts profiting this april im going with my guess is that nintendo will be fine they are in the perfect position



just look at 3ds and vita


nintendo got opertunity to slam the door shut didnt they not?  they got the games needed dropped the price and made sony stuck where its at

don't forget sony is losing money per vita sold ,  3ds will gain money in april

there is no way nintendos droping out of this race any time soon , you can just blow their house in but its made of bricks,  where as sony is made of straw right now, if vita does not do well in its 2nd month on the market ---- you can pretty much say thier chances of survival in the handheld market is volatile

time is going to tell a pretty clear picture, 

14 handhelds have under sold the ds/gb lines of handhelds vita is the 14th try  , , 


and nintendos home console the wii plus ds combo sold more units then ps1 and ps2 put together add the rest forget it ,   you might as well say all their attempts at taking out nintendos base is weak ,  

no body has sold as many games  nor hardware as nintendo has ,  


those 100 -150 ps1/ps2s may have been historical but the wii ds combo just wipes that out the door ,   its amazing how people continue to say wii is dead ds is dead 3ds is fail  and yet the overall sales of these machines is phenominal  even the 3ds , which sold twice as many as ds did and 4x as many as gbas

lets do the math

150 million

95 million

16 million (this is based off vg chartz i mAY HAve missed the . numbers but with out them lets do the math

261 million units ,.

that is  more then  ps1 106m and ps2 150 m- 256 million just edged sony out

and if we put all 5 sony products they probably have 330 m but thats no problem

lets add nes 60 million

gb 89 million (GBC GBA GB)


N64 34 M

GC 25 M

nintendo has sold well into the 400 million probably just under 500 m peices of hardware 

and thier games have sold well to so ,

nope nintendo is not going any where i dont see this guys evidence,  


they are printing money on the wii have been since day one in fact i bet if there was no wii u or 3ds r and d they would have profited ,. 

also the yen

if the problems with the yen were not pressent nintendo would make profit  but thats ok thats their first loss in over 20 yrs nothing compared to sony 5 yrs streight non profit also i would not say gc hurt nintendo as they made as much profit selling 3x less hardware then ps2 lol  

so just to streighting this guy out id like to say , patcher you have been proven wrong this entire gen do we expect wii u to sell as much as wii no but its not going to fail


It's a bubble and it burst at the very end of the generation!!!!!! Everyone watch out for the bubble burst!  I wish tablets would kill Pachter.  Oops did I say kill?  I mean crush.

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sethnintendo said:
It's a bubble and it burst at the very end of the generation!!!!!! Everyone watch out for the bubble burst!

past tense WAS a bubble, HAS burst