What is your favorite Bon Jovi song? (if you're a Bon Jovi fan anyway)

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This is like the only song I really know by Bon Jovi I know. It's fairly good, I am not really a fan of 70's/80's hard rock, but I like that song.

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I like Bitter Wine, Sleep When I'm Dead, Bad Medicine and Blood on Blood, but top place has to go to either Never Say Goodbye(childhood memories) or Bed of Roses(no reason really, prolly guitar).

Loved all the classics but I would pick It's My Life.

This song introduced Bon Jovi to the new generations and it was a great song.

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Definitely not a fan, but Its My Life is his best Song.

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It's very simple. Press the "share" button on the youtube page and then pick "embed". Lots of random symbols will appear in a square but ignore them and scroll down a bit. Check each tiny square (not always necessary, but it works) and the random symbols will change. Copy the new symbols and paste them in pretty much any forum, just make sure they don't adjacent another sentence.

It's My Life ...

Livin on a Prayer is a classic song and Its my Life was a superhit with young people in the past decade.  70 million hits is a lot for a song popular before Youtube was around.

I heard about Bon Jovi after the Its my Life song. and they are a great band. Cool and entertaining with nice songs.

Not the greatest Bon Jovi fan, but Livin' on a Prayer for sure. Followed by It's my life

I'm definitely not a Bon Jovi fan so to speak but I do like Livin on a Prayer and You Give Love A Bad Name.