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The bigger the better 6 3.85%
Decent enhancement is fine 54 34.62%
If they're small just leave em natural 50 32.05%
They're disgusting no matter the size 23 14.74%
See results 23 14.74%

I generally hate the look of fake boobs, they just look fake.

I prefer natural.

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I'm all about the nipple and I like em' big. Big nipples on small or large, real or fake tits FTW.

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It depends on the plastic surgeon.

Real. Then again I've never been with a woman with fake ones...

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fake tits look stupid and its even worse to know that some paid for them.Its like putting in the Konami code while playing Contra,and then boasting that you beat the game.If you have small tits just be happy with your small tits

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Rather small and natural than big obvious fakes.

Although, when it's not obvious...

I just like medium sized ones, I'm not a fan of huge ass lower back problem boobs.

I have no issue with implants, but of course natural is better.

I prefer natural even if they are really small, fake one's are such a turn off.

I prefer real ones, but if women want them, I won't not look ;)

Yay if the implants are small-medium and are naturally shaped. I prefer natural ones though.