Why does most music made after ~2000 suck?

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Do you believe the music industry has gone downhill during the 2000s?

Yes 79 69.91%
No 29 25.66%
Maybe 5 4.42%

Well to be fair, no one is going to be listening to Black Eyed Peas in a few decades while other good singers will have evergreen hits forever.

Those songs we remember from a certain decade are usually the best songs from that time, and therefore we remember such times very fondly.

For example if you go on youtube, a lot of big chart buster songs from the past are ignored however really well liked songs (but got popular over time) have a lot of views.

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There are loads of great albums from great bands from 2000 onwards.

The Gaslight Anthem - The 59 Sound is my favorite album of the zeroes
Arcade Fire - Funeral, Neon Bible, Suburbs are all fantastic
The Killers - All three albums are great, Brandon Flowers' solo album as well
Snow Patrol - Eyes Open
The Kooks - Inside In/Inside Out
Cold War Kids - Mine Is Yours

And I could go on for quite a while

Maybe you're just overlooking the good stuff. Of course, mainstream music nowadays is not what it was used to be, but at least, if you dig a little, you can find some little jewels.

And IMO, as a very mainstream artist now, Adele has done a pretty great job in soul/blues/groove pop music. I like Foster the People too, and their song "Pumped Up Kicks" is always playing on the radio.

10 years ago people were asking why music since 1990 sucked, and 10 years from now they'll be asking why music since 2010 sucks.

by yr.

2000-2002: pop music, rockrap, hiphop, rock and country pop r&b and crossover music ruled. result 9% bad

2003: hiphop an Justin Timberlake but nothing ruled results. i stopped tracking music and going to chatting sites to talk about popular music (yes i did that before gaming sites) 98% bad.

2004: i didn't listen to mainstream radio cause i was all about my PS2, Xbox, and it was my second yr. in college i think? result. music obviously wasn't worth listing to. 99%

2005: well i let the love of my life go without telling her but thats more on a personal note. hiphop still stole the show but it's fucked up when you can't remember any song from that yr. 99.%

2006: mainstream music sucked and i graduated from college in 05, and Michael Baisden was the hottest thing on the radio even though it was old school music. man i miss LA. Machinery, i loved that job to death. result mainstream music 99%. bad. Michael Baisden 0% bad. sometimes you have to look to the past for great music.

2007: didn't Jayz retire? P&G/Schenker(commonly referred to as Schenker shit and i miss that job to) gave me 15 positions to work after being there for just 3 months and i eventually became a key user(damn near every position) got laid off and music still sucked. it sucked so bad i didn't have time to listen to how bad it was. result music was 100% fail.

2008-2011: music 100% fail. Mariah Careys return to the top isn't worth mentioning cause she ain't hot no moe. American idol was just as bad as it was in 2002 when Kelly Clarkson won, and Little Wayne is still the worst rapper alive. Eminem is way better. Usher had to burn and climb some damn mountain like a dumb ass. why in hells name didn't he fall to his death and save us all the trouble of listening to his crappy music. people fuck, they don't make love no moe!

There you have it. i was being generous with the 98-99%.

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The thing is music after 2000 doesn't suck. It's just that you like many people in this world only like certain types of music.

I absolutely love current music.

Don't diss my Waka Flocka Flames!

Personally I used to watch Much Music day in day out, I used to enjoy almost every song that played from almost every genre. But towards 2005 I began to realize the latest singers were getting worse and worse. Today I only watch Much Music once a week for the Much Music countdown, see what people think are the best singers and songs.

I do enjoy almost every genre, yes the indie scene is okay but I find it too to be lacking lately. I have friends who have this Indie music program that gives them access to all the indie music they want. I listened to hours of their favorite music , honestly most of it sounded terrible. A few songs were good but they were all different artists no real consistency and I lost the list. Honestly my favorite groups Linkin Park, Three Days Grace and NickleBack have all gone down hill, though their last albums are the best music I hear.

Of artists that have come in the last few years I don't mind Ke$ha. I like some LMFAO ,Lady Gaga, Katty Perry, Pitbull isn't half bad either.

But today I stick to artists who began their careers before 05, I still like Britney Spears, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Eminem, Carrie Underwood.

Essentially if they began their career before 05 I find them often bearable, but most of the artists and songs that have come since 05 just plain suck. Especially since Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan proved anyone with some money can buy their selves a music career. In the end I gotta say the sad thing is music just plain sucks these days.


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Awesome 30 second mashup of probably the only good 'popular' song this year...and the Bill Nye theme. And much jubilations were had.

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Runa216 said:

Awesome 30 second mashup of probably the only good 'popular' song this year...and the Bill Nye theme. And much jubilations were had.

I used to love watching Bill Nye back in the day.  I haven't seen him anywhere except on I believe a History Channel special about making houses more energy efficient.  If they could mix up the Bill Nye theme with Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? TV theme song then that would bring me back down memory lane.