Ultimate god like power. What would you really do if you actually had it?

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So I was thinking about the last Harry Potter movie today. The scene where he threw the most powerful wand ever into the lake.

That was a movie, but in real life would something like that happen? Would you be able to do it? If not, then what would you do with that power? What if you somehow had some sort of god like or even mutant power here, right now?

I like to think I would not do thinks that would only benefit myself, but in all honesty I do not think that would be the case.

So what do you say? Could you reist temptation, and forever do good on this planet?





On a less serious note I think I know which way Badgenome will go.

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life is a pretty great power

if we could get or do anything by jst thinking then we wouldn't get the satisfaction

anyways,i would like to have robots.after that the whole world will be a perfect utopia society without economic slavery

First, I would try to do right with my power. Become a paragon of virtue and change things for the better. Then, frustrated with a lack of progress and change, I'd go full tyrant on planet Earth until I realize that you can't force utopia on people, either. Then I'd relent, relinquish the sovereignty of this world to the annoying little protozoa that think themselves rulers of this planet and watch the self-proclaimed "people" of the world destroy themselves and their environment, not necessarily in that order, wondering all the while if humanity is worth saving when humanity is the biggest enemy to itself.

I'd impregnate all the hot girls I come across.

I'd rid VGC of all spam threads, spam posters, and give everyone I like 70 virgins.

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hatmoza said:
I'd rid VGC of all spam threads, spam posters, and give everyone I like 70 virgins.

Sounds good to me.

*Gives hatmoza the power to do all of the above*

I would found my own kingdom on Necker island and then just chill there all the time.

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I think ultimate justice is incorporated in true ultimate god-like power.

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