Sony Buying Out Ericsson from Sony Ericsson for 1.46 Billion USD

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PSVita Phone on the horizon!!!!!!


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its all about the patents, google paid 8 billion for Motorola's patents. this is a cheap deal. Apple is on a suing mayhem against all competitor smart phone makers, having these patents are worth a lot of money.

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Sony can now abandon PS brand and move onto phone games. Since that's where gaming is heading according to industry's analysts. :/

Very happy, I should be getting my first Sony phone in March then!

@mchaza, I think that might me it partially, as I think SE has avoided attack by being quite insignificant, but I think it is more that Sony want direct control over their phone business, now that smartphones seem to be the forefront of technology

legend92(3) said:
deskpro2k3 said:
i think they'll make more profit from it

Hopefully now that its 100% Sony they will inest more into and hopefully make a flagship phone like the galaxy.

I thik the xperia range has done relatively well....and the arc as a flagship phone has definately put Sony Erikson as a contender for a top of the range android device. so im not sure why you say they should make a flagship phone when they already have one?

The only thing that stopped me from getting the ARC was the hardware, that i felt was lacking, especially since it was released this year. 

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Sony - Sony
Microsoft - Nokia
Nintendo - ?


Seece said:
Sony - Sony
Microsoft - Nokia
Nintendo - ?

Nintendo is a hardcore company, phones are for the casual.

But perhaps if Samsung bought Nintendo out :p

Vita Phone would be a killer

Wonder if there will be an update for the xperia play after this for a more sony playstation feel to it

Sony Ericsson hasn't been relevant in about 3-4 years. That seems like an AWFUL lot of money for the other half of the company.

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