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Well, I'd...

1- Be Immortal

2- Never get tired

3- Have a devil wing in my back on the right, and an angel wing in my back on the left, which I keep invisible most of the time (both of them)

4- Make all my attacks with the right hand, leg, eye, etc and all defenses with the left hand, leg, eye, etc.

5- Be Faster than the speed of light^65536, with proper reflexes.

6- Control people and objects (like planets or even stuff like stars or galaxies and dimensions) at will.

7- Teleport wherever I want.

8- Be able to go through everything as if I was a ghost.

9- Kill stuff just by thinking of it (for example, make every living creature on the planet blow up in a million pieces at the same time if I feel like it), revive stuff just by thinking of it, destroy or create/re-construct stuff just by thinking of it (Like making every planet in space blow up if I feel like it or re-create them later if I want to).

10- Know everything that happens in the present and will happen in the future, know what everything and everyone is thinking, doing, will do, etc.

11- Travel through time, being in different times at the same time without having to leave the present.

12- Be able to turn into full demon or full angel form whenever I feel like it

13- Make as many copies of myself as I want, with the same powers I have. Make them return to my body when I want to.

14- Modify creatures and stuff from the universe at will.

15- Have infinite strength

16- Be immune to wounds, can't get hurt, don't age unless I want to



I want the "hero" to be exactly like me, with all the same powers I have...

However, 6 doesn't work on me, in 9, only the "kill stuff just by thinking of it" part doesn't work on me, in 10, no one can read my mind or know what I'll do, 14 doesn't work on me.

The same goes for the hero ( 6 doesn't work on him, in 9, only the "kill stuff just by thinking of it" part doesn't work on him, in 10, no one can read his mind or know what he'll do, 14 doesn't work on him.)


We both exist at all times at our current age (we exist now, 1 second ago, 1 year ago, 99999999999999999 years ago, at the very beginning of time, 99999999999999999999 years in the future,  at our current age) and we share our knowledge through time as if we were experiencing the now, the past and the future at the same time.


Before the fight, we agree not to make copies of ourselves, we're going to fight 1 VS 1.

The reason I want the hero to have exactly the same abilities and powers I have and to make it 1 VS 1 is so the fight is as fair as possible... and the battle as enjoyable and epic as possible :P

It'll probably be a neverending fight and we'll probably end up destroying existense itself (we can recreate everyting anyways, so it doesn't really matter), only the 2 of us would remain, fighting for eternity... and our sole reason for living would be to fight one another and accomplish the impossible (beating the other one to become the strongest being in existence).


Yeah, I have nothing better to do right now :P

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I'd be the same as the player character in terms of abilities, just to prove to my opponent that it's a battle of skill - and that I am the most skilled user of these abilities in the world

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-Considerable in size, with the ability to KO in one hit and only have 2 small spots which can be hit with ARROWS only.

-The setting will be in a tight corridor, making it considerably hard to dodge my attacks, which will consist of swinging double axe, scorpion like feature of pulling people in and releasing an unblockable fire storm which will knock people down, allowing me to combo them.

-One weakspot will be on the forehead, and will only lose about 0.2% of my total HP.

This is the music I want


Disconnect and self destruct, one bullet a time.

DeadNotSleeping said:
First thing I'd do as a Final Boss is erase all the Player's Save Files. Just because I have to show that person that they're dealing with an entirely different level of evil than anticipated. Then I'd force Player 1 to face Player 2 (and perhaps players 3-8 if online) in a massive environment-destroying battle royale to determine which has the honour of facing and ultimately being defeated by me. At this point the sole survivor should be suffering from a lack of ammo or potions or whatnot, making him worthy of facing my Secondary Form. Which would be an enormous walking Necro-Cybernetic factory to produce an endless wave of enemies while the unfortunate hero scrambles up my form Shadow of the Colossus-style while being assaulted from every angle by my personal defenses. Thirty minutes of destroying key sections of my form defeats it, but my consciousness is downloaded into a prototype ubermech 5X stronger and faster than any other enemy in the game with over a dozen different specialized ranged attacks. Two Steps From Hell makes the music for this fight. My defeat results in a heart-wrenching cinematic that makes the Player feel bad for fighting me. But doing so on the hardest difficulty unlocks a code for free DLC to unlock the Villain Playthrough where they play as the Final Boss through its perspective of the story, revealing the original protagonist to be the true villain all along.

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@Radishhead, That would be great for the rival that plagues the hero throughout the game and is only beaten just before facing the final boss.

@Jdevil3, So in other words, you would be God? And your opponent, the only one who can actually fight you, will be...............God? Did I leave anything out?

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tolu619 said:

@Jdevil3, So in other words, you would be God? And your opponent, the only one who can actually fight you, will be...............God? Did I leave anything out?

Well, that depends on wether God exists or not, and if he/she does, it depends on wether he/she has all those abilities.... if he/she does, then yeah... I'd be God.

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Release Final Fantasy Versus XIII nowwwwwwwwww!!! lol :P

I would try not to be predictable, maybe easy because some games final bosses are a pain.




This would be my music.

My appearance would be menacing, I will tower over the pathetic protagonists and have huge muscles. I won't look ugly or repulsive, I'll still remain human.

My special ability will be where I get an erection and slam my large "tenticle" down, crushing my foe. This will mean I will probably end up making tonnes of appearances in hentai videos if the game is successful in Japan.

My arena would probably be in the middle of a large ocean, I can walk on water but my foes will have to remain on stepping stones, making it a harder boss battle.

Most of my attacks will be water based, tsunamis to knock foes of the stepping stones, water cannon's. I will also be able to summon lots of little Squirtle's.

My powers would be money cause.. well you know:


and my music would be:

and my location would be:

The bedroom of the Hero's mother...


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An empty room with fog horns filled with 100,001 buttons one of which would initiate my giant death mech the rest lead to instant death. Have to be sporting with these things, natuarally there will be a 20 minute unskippabale cutscene and a long corridor to walk down filled with enemies after the last check point.

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