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Great news, i really like WaW and BO. But i hope they somehow manage to fix some issues from BO, like the TERRIBLE framerate when being the host, also that it doesn't brake the Wii's discdrive/lens.

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What would make if different or better than the other Wii versions?

waste of time. don't buy this crap

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I hope they let Treyarch develop it...

EDIT: Lol, quick google search and presto!


Good, at least Treyarch is consistent

Consistently shit?

What utter rubbish. Treyarch have been responsible for all the COD games on the Wii, including Modern Warfare. They ahve done a great job. What's more, to suggest MW2 is better online than Black Ops is nonsense! Black Ops is a far more balancd game which doesn't rely on players camping and using self-propelling kill streaks to achieve victory.

It's well known that Treyarch's body of work is inferior to IW's (it's why, frankly, they get palmed off to make the Wii ports). CoD 2, 4, MW2 >> CoD 3, WaW and Black Ops. For the most part Treyarch have done a poor job on the franchise. And yes, IW messed up with MW2, but that doesn't suddenly make Treyarch a good developer.

It's well known that Treyarch games are good and all sell well and recieve 80%+ average review scores. Treyarch don't get 'palmed off' to make Wii ports, they chose to support the Wii and Activision handed them the IW games to port over as well. COD:MW2 is certainly not as good as Black Ops when it comes to multiplayer. MW2 was a mess which relied on sel propelling killstreaks. What's more IW messed up removing juggernaut but keeping stopping power, leaving stopping power as a must have perk that couldn't be countered. Don't get me started on commando, that perk was just broken. In Black Ops Treyarch smoothed out all those imperfections and thankfully ended the insane self-propelling killstreaks that ruined MW2. Instead of relying on a chopper to get the kills for next streak reward you had to get the kills yourself.

It's just fashionable for people to hate Treyarch, just as it is for people to whine about MW3 and declare their undying love for Battlefield 3 - despite no one having actually played either game yet!

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laziness and time, dont really feel like having to go homebrew my Wii to play one or two games. I feel i shouldnt have to in this day and age. Not when the others are region free. And i have some small foolish hope that the US will see at least two ot the three games. If i dont hear anything by year's end then i probably will say screw it and import

Well for what it's worth, softmodding is ridiculously easy once you understand the basic terms, and it opens up a ton of options like watching DVD movies and playing games that have fan-translations (like Fatal Frame 4) and running custom software and ofourse importing, etc.

ill look into that

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they did a really great job with Wii version of Black Ops, i hope MW3 is as good

The wii's motion controls will make this version the optimal choice for gamers!

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Alright Wii owners you have another, "Amazing" game to look forward to, have fun guys.


homer said:
The wii's motion controls will make this version the optimal choice for gamers!

Id agree if the online was up to snuff compared to the HDs/PC versions

i will be buying along with about a million other people.