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-Newcloud- said:
It may not look as good as the ps2 version but at least the 3DS gets a game

That "at least" isn't good enough. I went from buying the game on day 1 to not buying it at all.

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@dahuman im talking blurry running on a 3DS compared to the HD game. Ive played both version of SSF4, cant speak on DOA cause i never played it

oniyide said:

@play4fun should i???

I'm not saying you should.

I was just wondering if there was a reason for it.

darkknightkryta said:
naznatips said:
oniyide said:
@naznatips point taken, then there is something seriously wrong going on in the FOX house. but i will say this some people are whining too much. Companies do this crap some times, they put out a video that looks great but the end product looks not so great. It sucks but lets be grown up about it, its not some evil conspiracy against Ninty (tired of hearing that crap) Sony did it with KZ2 and Konami did it with MGS4 they both still were great games and sold millions. MGS3d will do the same (maybe not millions). Remember there also outsourcing MGSR to another dev team (supposedly) so i dont believe its some crap about hating Ninty and making a game HD doesnt take anything, i think there is just some strife between Kojima and Konami right now

But that's the stupid thing. I played their interactive tech demo at E3 last year. I saw what it could have looked like if they'd put effort into it, and it genuinely was way above the PS2 version. Kojima himself stated that that demo was closer to the PS3 than the PS2, and we know it was in-engine because we had full camera control during the demo (could rotate, zoom, etc.) as things happened in real time. 

On the other hand, Capcom have delivered a SSFIV that would be nearly indistinguishable from the HD versions if not for the static background, and RE: Mercs and RE: Revelations which, while not PS360 level, certainly show visuals somewhere in-between there and the Wii, and well above the PS2. So we have one company churning out 3 games of top-quality visuals in the same time it takes another company to release a bad PS2 port, when we know they could have done better. I think that's clearly a problem, and this isn't a game people should support. 

Heck, even Kojima's talk of his HD collections being better than the PSP Remasters series Sony has started is bollucks. Look at the screens. They're the same thing, just an artificial upscale + anti-aliasing, which is exactly what Sony's PSP Remasters are (and Ubisoft's HD remakes for that matter). All I know is the new engine better yield a damn good new game, cause what Kojima Productions is showing otherwise is lazy crap. 

PS: As an owner of the game I can tell you that MGS: PW screen above is a bullshot. For what Peace Walker actually looks like, check here: http://forums.gametrailers.com/thread/mgs-hd-collection---screenshot/1218503 

And as an owner of Peace Walker and vividly remembering that custscene of snake in my head right now, you're either talking shit or have bad memory.  That's how Snake looks like in that game.  More aliased?  Yes, does he look worse than that model?  No.

And the PSP remasters are re-rendered in high res.  Monster Hunter 3 would be a pixilated mess if it was scaled to 1920x1080 from the PSP's resolution.

Sorry I should be more clear. When I said they were artificially upscaled I meant they were simply taking the source code and filling it out for a new resolution, making the term "remaster appropriate as opposed to "remake" which Ubisoft and now Kojima like to use for what's not really a remake. You're right that it's not stretched, and my phrasing was unclear. 

And on Peace Walker, yes, the aliasing is what I was referring to (or I should say the lack of aliasing is what I was referring to).

-Newcloud- said:
It may not look as good as the ps2 version but at least the 3DS gets a game

Don't be so easily bought and taken advantage of. Getting crap is not better then getting nothing. Don't be happy because Konami has decided to throw a bone. You as a consumer are worth more then that.

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Viper1 said:
2 Other factors also come to find.

1. Kojima recently tweeted that 1 years worth of work was just shut down the drain. No one really know what that meant but it's possible it relates to the differences we're seeing in the game here.

2. Konami recently announced the HD collection for MGS. Was some of the team responsible for the 3DS MGS3 moved over to the HD collection and/or is it possible they wanted the HD collection to look as best as possible against the 3DS version to increase sales on the platform better known for MGS games?

Kojima tweeted that the remaster games were being handled by the studio (Bluepoint Games) that did the God of War I & II and ico game remasters on PS3 so that development shouldn't affect the 3DS game at all, which is probably being handled by a seperate studio where as the E3 tech demo was probably handled internally.

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I'm reserving judgement until the release of the game. And honestly, I'm thinking that the 3DS version will have a better framerate than the PS2 version, which, in my opinion, is more important then more detailed textures.

Like Naznatips, I too played the demo at E3 last year. And that game and this game are not the same thing.

Something has certainly changed on the way from early code to current code.

The rEVOLution is not being televised

Why don't we test this on NGP? I think it will look much, MUCH better! lol

Yeah, the PS2 version looks better. But the game is still bought!

oniyide said:
@dahuman im talking blurry running on a 3DS compared to the HD game. Ive played both version of SSF4, cant speak on DOA cause i never played it

You must have played on some broken ass 3DS, the differences are more jaggies and unrefined lines due to lower res, static background, the lack of Japanese VO, shit for customes, and no plans for DLC as of now, there is no blurriness of any kind, it's a sharp and colorful game. DoA is a much better package in contrast TBH, free DLC, good amount of customes, dual audio, multi-language menus and subtitles, and a lot of boobies. I wish DoA was released with 3DS, cause I'd have just gotten that instead of SSF4 lol.