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All you have to do is put what score you think the game below deserves, and write a brief explanation as to why it deserves that score.

Voting is open for 3 days, after the 3 day period I will count up all the scores and get the average of the game.  I will be putting up a new thread with a new game every 3 days



1. You had to have played at least enough of the game to form an honest opinion about it

(playing it for 5 minutes is NOT enough time, nor is watching a friend play the game)

2. scores have to be on a 10 point scale with 7 being average, anything longer than 2 digits (Eg: 9.75) won't be counted.

3. If you score a game under a 5 or under, you have to go into great detail as to why you gave it such a low score.

4. A game must have at least 15 people that gave it a score to be counted.

5. If you score a game more than once none of your scores will count

6. Users with less than 50 posts cannot score a game.


Last game was --

Highest score was --, lowest was --


Today's game is God of War 3

Vgchartz score--9.02!

Gamerankings score--92.04% 

Highest score was 10, lowest was 6

My score--9.8

Positives--Epic story, epic set pieces, gorgeous graphics, great pacing, improved on every aspect of past GOW's

Negatives--not a whole lot of replayability.



Vgchartz top 12 rated games


Rank Game Score
1 Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (PS3) 9.55
2 Metal Gear Solid 4 (PS3) 9.52
3 Street Fighter IV (Multi) 9.40
4 Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)
5 The Orange Box (Multi) 9.24
6 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii) 9.16
7 Halo 3 (360) 9.13
8 Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii) 9.09
9 Mario Kart Wii (Wii) 9.04
10 Uncharted: Drakes Fortune (PS3) 9.03
11 Batman Arkham Asylum (Multi) 9.01
12 Gears of War (360) 8.96

Next game is Halo Reach.
To view a list of all games from every game ranking thread click here.
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great game, great graphics, great ass on that godess.

Being in 3rd place never felt so good

9/10. Looks great, sounds great, jaw dropped and heart stopped a couple of times. Ran perfectly and it hooked you in and never let go. I knocked it down because I played Bayonetta before it and I'll admit to liking the combat in Bayonetta much more and it so it kind of made hurt my God of War experience a little bit.

Bet with Conegamer and AussieGecko that the PS3 will have more exclusives in 2011 than the Wii or 360... or something.




EPIC visuals, both artistically and technically

Epic sense of scale

Epic Boss Battles

Improve the already great..i mean Epic combat mechanics


Weak Story & dialoug compared to previous games

Not as focused as GOW nor as diverse as GOW 2


Score: 9.5/10

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Former something....

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insane graphics
boobs (lol)
badass character
great animations
excellent combat mechanics

- last 1 or 2 hours weren't as good as the rest
- a tad too short for a hack'n'slash game and not much to come back for


My score: 9.3


The Good:

-Production Values: The graphics, audio, animation and direction made this more than a game. It was an audio-visual experience.

-Great offensive combat. The newer moves and items really allowed Kratos to get in his enemies' faces and really put the exclamation mark on his level of rage.

-Added content: Unlocking that arena after beating the game was a surprise for me. I spent a good amount of time toying around in it.

-I love it when developers add documentaries. I enjoy watching these to get more insight into what went into the game. These devs pour years of work into these games and it's always nice to see the hell they went through to bring us great content.

The Bad:

-Weakest story of the trilogy

-The boss battles without health bars for the bosses irked me personally. I like to pace myself in gaming and not knowing how far things were progressing in the battle frustrated me. haha

-The platforming felt really awkward in this game. I was playing Ratchet and Clank around the same time as GoW3 and I just had a hard time judging jumps in God of War 3.

The Ugly:

-When Kratos is the subject under consideration, more detail might not be the greatest thing to add.

-Gaia's ancient rock hard fake bewbs covered in... erm.. foliage.

Note: The ugly category is meant to be for lulz




Production values and gameplay were brillaint - truely the best game in the series in this respect. boss battles and puzzles were also extremely good. Kratos is such an excellent character - with an orignal backstory. highlight of the game for me was probabily the fight with Posiedon.

However....... i felt the story was awful. Athena is out of character, shes never explained. the Titans were not in the game. i wouldve preffered killing Zeus eariler in the game then proceeding to take down the Titans. i think you should of killed Zeus a lot eariler then proceeded to do something else because this was the story of God of War 2 all over.

and Panadoras Box was abysimal. completely uncessary for it - and when we open the box its empty.

level design couldve been better. started off well. but in GoW1 and 2 we have sweeping landscapes (Steeds of Time, Isle of Creation, etc the list is endless). in GoW 3 the centrepiece of Olympus is a cave called a labyrinth with a bunch of boxes in it. totally bland and uninspired, especially since Bayonetta eairler that year took us to Heaven - literally!!

it was a bit on the short side as well tbh.

all in all i felt that the departure of David Jaffe and Cory Borlong was detremental to the final game and i think Stig wasnt good enough tbh. and the main reason it got 8.7 was because i love GoW 1 and 2.


Best console graphics eva, great action and scope but the story was a bit muddy towards the end imo. Boss battles were epic!


i buy a ps3 slim, because god of war 3 is awesome. the graphic, the gameplay, atmosphere...amazing!

the best RPG's are coming 2013 !!!! oh my god, this is perfect for RPG-GAMER = ) Ni No Kuni - 25 january, Time and Eternity, tales of xillia (PS3) and the maybe best game ever: metal gear solid ground zero