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Hey guys, it's that time again to make a bunch of Top Ten lists that rank the best games for various systems.  This year we will be ranking them from the 80's to today, but what I need for you today are box 1 games


Please make a list of the top 5 box 1 games that you like.


The order should be

#1 Game title

#2 Game title

#3 Game title

#4 Game title

#5 Game title


with 5 points awarded to the game in the first spot, and 1 for the fifth, and everything in between.



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#1 Halo

#2 Shenmue II

#3 Star Wars KOTOR

#4 Midtown Madness 3

#5 Star Wars KOTOR 2


Yeah, MM3 wasnt everyones cup of tea, but I clocked up an immense amount of hours online playing that. Gief Midtown 4 :(

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1. Halo


3. Jade Empire

4. Ninja Gaiden

5. Fable

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#1 Halo 2

#2 Halo: Combat Evolved

#3 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

#4 Beyond Good & Evil

#5 Psychonauts

1.- Half Life 2

2.- Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly

3.- The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind

4.- Beyond Good and Evil

5.- Ninja Gaiden

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#1 Phantom Dust

#2 Halo Combat evolved

# 3 Star wars Knights of the Old Republic

#4 Fable

#5 Ninja Gaiden

1. Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind- A huge open world with lots of furry points of intrest... Axumblade's dream come true

2. Knights of the Old Republic: 1- Best star wars game

3. Knights of the Old Republic: 2- 2nd best star wars game

4. Halo: Combat Evolved- It's combat and it's evolved... only people who would disagree are creationists

5. Jade Empire- 3rd best star wars game

1. Ninja Gaiden
2. Jade Empire
3. Halo
4. Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
5. Conker Live and Reloaded

1. Halo 2

2. Halo

3. Fable


5. Burnout Revenge

1: Halo: Combat Evolved

2: Halo 2

3: Star Wars: Knight Of The Old Republic

4: Star Wars:Knights Of The Old Republic 2

5: Fahrenheit