Kinect Sales by Jan 1st 2012? Predict!

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20 Million

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Around..... 21 million....

Also, all these predictions are safe and boring, 18-21 million range.... how creative

I'll say 21 million with the predicted price cuts

I'm from the US so I have no clue, will the 'multi language support' that is coming in April help push kinect in europe?  or is it just a neat thing to have for current owners?  My assumption is that some people are waiting for language support for their language before taking the plunge.

I'd say 20 million. They are already shipped over 10 million from what Microsoft has announced.



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I'll shoot for the middle and say 20 million.

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23m at least. It's gonna skyrocket this fall.

Come on people! I want at the least, 50 predicitons!





Also, 50 predictions is optimistic. I'd say...35 tops really. Not enough dedicated posters around here to comment and make these predictions, sadly :-/


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Wow, that's a tough call! Depends how well it holds up in Q2 and Q3 which are usually very slow for all software and hardware.

I think I'll go with 17 million. Could go higher, I think it largely depends on what kind of support it gets!

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