Disney's plan for 'interactive cakes' revealed in patent application

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Disney's plan for 'interactive cakes' revealed in patent application

Ariel may dance on my cake anytime.. 4 50.00%
I will fight Captain Hook for my cake! 0 0.00%
I hope Simba doesn't eat my cake.. 1 12.50%
Epic Cake will outsell Epic Mickey! 1 12.50%
No pie? 1 12.50%

Yeah... that's right read the title again...

Disney's plan for 'interactive cakes' revealed in patent application

Mmm, cake -- no other confectionery can match its range, be it in the form of birthday, wedding, or bundt. But we never expected to see it integrated with a pico projector. Yet that's exactly what the imagineers at Disney seem to be planning according to a US patent application lovingly titled "Projector systems and methods for producing digitally augmented interactive cakes and other food products." The application includes a set of hilarious illustrations depicting over-sized cameras projecting images and video onto the surface of baked goods in order to promote storytelling and / or interactivity that is unique and individualized. Disney envisions images mapped to the 3D topography of the cake allowing it to sense, for example, when a slice is in the process of being cut (initiating a sword fight with Captain Hook) or removed (water rushes in to fill the void). While we doubt that you'll find these in the aisles of your local Best Buy grocer anytime soon, you might want to check for availability the next time that you book a birthday party at a Disneyland resort. Something tells us that these could be a hit with the youngins.


That would be so awesome...


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Ok... I can't even read that becuase the picture just looks hilarious... it looks like a space canon firing at the kid on the cake.


I wonder how long it will be before someone makes halloween cakes that scream when you cut them.

No pie, yes. The reason being that interactive pies would just be abused, if the movie American Pie is anything to go by.

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I'm going to be honest. That seems a little creepy to me. I don't like things that I'm eating to still be moving. :P

F**k HD. This is the way MGS4 is meant to be played. Who needs a 1080p HDTV when you can have all the glorious action on a CAKE? Or is it a lie? My god Im tired and my jokes are getting worse with every minute

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What is going on in that picture?

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Man thats going to be alittle sadistic. Hey guys cut Ariel into peices and watch her scream bloody murder.... well that could happen. I'm suprised nobody else thought of this infact projecting a show onto a cake sounds like something someone would have done by now.

Interactivity on the other hand will be interesting. Mickey Dodging your knife as you slice. Or about about a game being played with your knife. What if you use your hands (Like a 2 year old would)? I would love to see such technology created. Then by the time I have kids it will be affordable and I'll put em on my kids cake.


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