GT5 sold over 265k in UK alone

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The Chart-Track released today the long awaited figures about sales in UK for Gran Turismo 5 and the numbers are very good.

- Gran Turismo 5 achieves the 6th largest PS3 launch week
- 6% up on Gran Turismo 4 launch week sales

What that means?

By the same Chart-Track the Gran Turismo 4 sold over 250k in UK at launch week becoming the 4th title in 2005 to do this (http://www.computerandvideogames.com/article.php?id=116065). So 6% over GT4 means over 265k for launch week in UK.



What do you think? And about EMEAA fw sales?


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Hmm...pretty good,but not THAT huge

Pretty good, but not mind blowing. Its great that it did better than Gran Turismo 4, though. Looks like this game should have great legs.

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Where does it say 265k in the article?

Or is this based on 6% increase of what VGC has GT4 at?

ChrisIsNotSexy said:

Hmm...pretty good,but not THAT huge

Yes. Not THAT huge than MW2, Black Ops, GTAIV and maybe FIFA.

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well, great numbers ***hides in shame***

anyway are those guys reliable?

Hyruken said:

Where does it say 265k in the article?

Or is this based on 6% increase of what VGC has GT4 at?

Chart-Track GT4 launch.


Launched last Friday in the UK, Gran Turismo 4 is already one of only four titles that have sold over a quarter of a million units in launch week and has secured the honour of becoming the fourth fastest selling videogame on these shores, the top three being GTA: San Andreas, GTA: Vice City and Halo 2.

Now make maths.

And over 265k could be 300k or more in UK the weakest PS3 country.

Before you guys say "meh":

- GT5 has had NO TV marketing pre-release in UK...and I mean absolutely nothing.

- GT5 has beaten GT4 launch sales despite being on a MUCH smaller userbase


Take that info as you will....

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GT4 launch in May 9,so i still dont think thats HUGE,but still good

 Impressive, I don't quite get how the game is doing so well as it's been an almost stealth launch - you'd wouldn't know the game was out if you didn't go into a shop and see it on the shelf! I thought Sony had perhaps ballsed it up a bit but apparently not.

 I'd assume marketing will kick in soon and that should bode well for some very very strong Christmas legs, I doubt it'll be able to hold up as long as GT4 did though.