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I just want to ask it how do you guys(or girls) feels about manga sites like onemanga being practically stripped of all their manga, and sites like mangafox having the very popular manga taken down?

though I understand why publishers are doing this, but pains me to see onemanga stripped of all it's manga, it was my number one source for reading manga(and mangafox at #2) luckily mangafox is somewhat still up n' running(for now) luckily i have a couple of sites that still work and haven't been affected(well not yet and hopefully never will)

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I always have my Chinese sites =P.

Its simple, if the manga producers don't want their stuff to be widely avaliable for free then thats their choice. I don't read manga so I don't know the context of why it was removed but I have no proable with people doing what they want with their properties.

I used to use mangafox but then I realized how lame it was to read manga online (my ex girlfriend turned me on to it originally) and I realized that manga is not an overly expensive investment and it is something I want to collect anyway.

I admit I've only read one series all the way through and am only just now buying a series for my personal collection. In all honesty I'm all for stripping those sites of their manga. Hypocritically though, if they took down the anime from sites I would be fucked.


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