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No, No, No! Show me The Last Guardian or LBP 2 , and save this conference, when it's still possible!

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Rename the topic to "The Official 2010 Move E3 Press Conference"

Just like Kinect, but Move is even more of a rip off of the WiiMote. Everything we have already seen before.

This conference better be 2 hours...

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lol@ the way he was holding it just now between his crotchs.

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Ugh, Golf. This is nothing we haven't seen before. Stop wasting time Sony.

Hmmm I don't see much diffrence between the Wii tiger Woods, with Motion and the move..It even has the lag in the swing. But its nice and it does have the HD going for it.

This is the most boring thing EVER!

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A sackboy sports game would of been pretty cool.

This on the other hand....jeez, it is like playing Tiger Woods all star golf in like 08 all over again!

Sorcery looked like alot of fun! Really liked the interface and motion interaction.

Tiger Woods 1:1 isnt all that though, but i can imagine the feeling of it being kinda nice if you're into golf.