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oh no

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This lip synching is horrible. 

Anyone can guess. It takes no effort to throw out lots of predictions and have some of them be correct. You are not and wiser or better for having your guesses be right. Even a blind man can hit the bullseye.

What. The. Fuck.?

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This conference has gone from awesome to dire. This is probably it for new games, the slim wil close the show.


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Soriku said:
makingmusic476 said:

This show has like, ten minutes left, right?  They still need to show Kinect and 360 Slim SKU details.

Pretty sure it's 1h 30m not just 1h.

Oh good.

awwww I want I pet tiger

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cute.... but i dont like it becasue my daughter will hog my 360!!

I'm not really here!

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I'd love that game!

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Oh my god! I want that baby tiger!!!!!!!!