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Misleading title thread.. NPD is only reporting Q1.. where Android phones has sold more then iPhones... It's not accumulated for the whole market.. it's just the sales for Q1... the comscore numbers are accumulated.. the NPD aren't..

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Silver-Tiger said:

Google wins again.


Now that Google has a bigger marketshare than Apple, should Nintendo consider Google an enemy of the future?

No because Nintendo and its followers are the equivelents of Apple and its fans but in the gaming sector. Soon enough, youll see the same Nintendo fans switching to Apple for the same reasons they went to Nintendo.

LOL i can already read Apple marketing slogans,'lulz Android isnt cool enough, and they cant do fun stuff like make websitez!'

Very happy to see OPEN SOURCE gaining market share (even if they aren't leading, still gaining ground!)
On a kinda similar note, check out this news post of a guy who ported Android to the iPhone :)


It's kinda strange how Apple has become the exact opposite of how they used to be. They used to be an open minded hardware company and now they are becoming a stifling all inclusive software company. Jon Stewart said it best... "...you used to be against the man, but now you are becoming the man"

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I'll be contributing to this in the Summer when my contract with Verizon is up and I renew. Hoping the HTC Evo decides to show up in Verizons lineup =P

EDIT: HTC Evo = Phone Love <3

I'll be getting the Android Inredible next month

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How many phones and companies use the Android OS?

Countless phones use Android OS, yet just one is the iPhone.

This is not a fair comparison.

Bamboleo said:
Countless phones use Android OS, yet just one is the iPhone.

This is not a fair comparison.

the iPhone has been out for a much longer time though. Its had its chance to sell much more than it has in its 4? generations of phones. Its also been stated that the iPhone would take over the market and it would stay that way. This just points out that it never and will never happen.

On another note, the Iphone 3G was hacked to run Android. lol

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FaRmLaNd said:
How many phones and companies use the Android OS?

Well, according to Wikipedia, there are 56 companies in the Open Handset Alliance that released Android, and twelve of those are handset manufacturers. The software is open source, so there may be many companies using the software that aren't part of the Alliance.

Seems there are ~37 released smartphone SKUs running Android. That's not counting upcoming products or several non-phone devices running the OS.

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FaRmLaNd said:
How many phones and companies use the Android OS?

About 27 phones between 3 major companies by the end of March (Samsung, HTC, Motorola) and a few minor ones...Plus tablets and other products running Android.

Every American network has an Android phone....With a 250 million subscriber base between 'em.

  • Verizon - Droid Incredible, Droid Eris, Droid, Devour
  • T-Mobile - G1, MyTouch (and MyTouch Slide), Cliq, CliqXT, Nexus One
  • Sprint - Evo, Hero
  • AT&T - Backflip

Those are just off the top of my head, FYI. I believe some of the minor companies are starting to get the low-hanging Android fruit.

As others have said, Apple's decision to align with the crappy AT&T network in the US sealed the deal for Android in the US. You just can't compete on one network with a 70-80 million subscriber base vs. Verizon which has more by itself, and T-Mo + Sprint having an equal base to Verizon as well....Thats about 160m between all non-AT&T US companies PLUS the Backflip on AT&T. However, the Backflip is about the worst Android phone out there....And that is coming from a guy who uses a MyTouch and brother has an ancient (by Android standards) G1.

Jeez. Its wierd thinking that the G1 is so crappy compared to the new stuff like the Incredible and Evo.


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