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Its Pikmin 3!

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stof said:
Few names in gaming are as recognizable as Noid. All new Yo Noid game!

GOTY if it has the pizza eating minigame!

Knowing Nintendo Power, its probably Metroid: Other M.


I think it's Pikmin in space =)

I am playing Black Ops on Wii.

Bamboleo said:
Its Pikmin 3!

It sure as Hell better be!!!!

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"One of gaming's most recognizable heroes" = Mario
"Color us excited" = Mario Paint
Stars/Galaxy background = Mario Paint Galaxy


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Now that I think about it, I really hope this is a Yoshi spin off game :D . Much like super mario world 2: yoshi's island ... but this time super mario galaxy 3: yoshi's planet ^_^ ......

......... hey, I can dream can't I


hopefully star foxx

Starfox or Metroid are my guesses.

Kirby Galaxy = Win