what games do you get pissed off the most when you die?

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There's probably a ton but the only one I can think of is Final Fantasy 13, right now. I'd engage in one of those epic boss fights and be fighting for 20 minutes. I'd have two healers but for some reason, they wouldn't heal my main character. When the main character dies, it game over, man! Luckily, I can't stay mad at Vanille or Hope.

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and God of War series and persona 3&4. also games that give you the ability to save anywhere and anytime because sometimes I find myself so into the game that I haven't saved in a good amount of time then die and figured out I had to start at point A when I was at point G

Duck Hunt, definitely... man I HATE that dog

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Some Final Fantasy boss fights.

I remember having 1 hour fights with some bosses then all of a sudden when there about to die they do some kamikaze move and kills everyone...

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In God of War I, you swing on a rope like twice in the game, once at the start on the other at the near the end.

When I got to that second rope, I had completely forgotten you could swing yourself with the O button. I tried sooo many times to make that jump with just the initial swing of your jump, everytime falling to my doom, this was one of the times I got the most pissed at a game.

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A game that kills me unfairly (due to glitches or just plain cheapness), or a game that lacks checkpoints.

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