What Would Killzone 3 Need to Have to Generate Massive Sales?

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it needs CoD controls!! lol

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BW_JP said:
it needs to become popular with the pre-teen to teen children, as well as gangsters, bros and other degenerates.

Then it will sell as well as Halo/Cod.

If they paid activision to call it "Call of Duty: Killzone 3" It would sell 10million. doesnt matter if it was exactly the same game as it was before, these games sell on name not content.

That's a bit harsh.  And only partially true.  Each Halo game introduced tons of new features and aspects.  They sold because they were quality titles with endless hours of replay value and multiplayer.  CoD games are more fitting to what you described.  Mostly just new weapons and maps but the same game with not much added features.

don1987 said:
you forgot the main problem kz2 had that they need to fix for kz3""the god damn controls""

like ragebot said, "noob friendly".

A Halo name on it.

Split screen multiplayer online, I mean 4 players should be able to play from one PS3 online. Halo's the only game I know that can do this with 4 players. It's one of the best features ever in any game.

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I don't understand the people who had problems with the controls, I play all shooters on PS3 and 360, Kz2 is one of my favorite games, I don't see any problems with the controls. I think a good coop mode, would really do well.

its all about the adds shown on tv as well as the trailers shown on the internet.
that my friend will generate sales.
think of it like a movie, you'll probably already know what the storys about before you watch it (thanks to previews and trailers)
the main reason you watch it is for the story and nothing more.



Smoother controls
Party system/Matchmaking
Local multiplayer
Some sort of co-op mode
Better ad campaign

Tuganuno said:
A Halo name on it.

yeah but if you want it to sell really well you woud add the name "call of duty",  or "gran turismo" or "mario" lol funny but true.