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Yay, we now have more than 20 soldiers!

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Count me in.


Should gather at least 160 before E3 starts.

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Nintendogamer said:
Should gather at least 160 before E3 starts.

if your aiming for that kind of number. I hope you can advetise well

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*cracks knuckles*

Count me in.

The rEVOLution is not being televised

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Count me in. Your Wii army isn't complete unless you have women and children in it. Now all you need is children.

Number 24 please.

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i'm in! i like number 25 :D

i'm joining

is it a good thing if i have a dead rrod'ed 360 mounted over my fireplace next to my most treasured beastie kill?

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Put me in as Smeags (Official Knuckleduster)

*Seeing as Rol is the other half of the SSS, I doubt he'll have any complaints about this decision.

There, now I have to get some sleep so I'm fit for fight later!