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BoneArk said:

I been playing the hell out of this game and I love it. I just bought a new Great sword. How do u get skills because I don't have any?

HR: 6

I'm not the best hunter, but, I am getting better. PM if u add me.


I beat the Great Jaggi first try with the Great Sword ...


As far as skills....Do you mean armor/weapon upgrades?  decorations? or special items? 
The first two are forged at the armory, decorations attach to equipment and affect your stats.  And special items can alter your stats as well, but you forge those through your item box/pouch.

I think you mean Hunter rank, and that's something I'm not familiar with.  (To be honest I don't think it means much outside of your access to different areas)


Other than that, I can't think of any special or innate skills characters have, it's all item/equipment based.

But yeah, I'm an amateur at this too, but this game Does really grow on you. 

dib8rman --- Online is the shiz. 

I don't have my account information, but I'll update you once I get off work.

My characters name is:  Walnutz

Time Zone:  CST or GMT - 5:00     if you prefer

ID:   don't know

HR:   don't know



BoneArk:  I'll quest with you whenever.  I really wouldn't mind trying out the online portion in more depth.

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Who all has WiiSpeak? I do. I wish we could chat with anyone though.

Does anyone know how to delete a Capcom ID. I made another one on accident but now I don't know how to delete it. I'm kinda OCD so it's really bothering me. . .

Kenology said:
sc94597 said:
ok, i got the game, played like 1 hour off-line and them went on-line, but i'm a complete noob (didn't even read the manual) but here is my ID: EAZ6V7. So, do i have to add those IDs in the second page some where in the game? how does this thing works? and let's have some fun...

You don't really add the ids. You use the ID to find the person you want to add. Then you message them, and  choose the option "yes" as a friend request or no, if you aren't requesting them to be your friend. That way you can add people you are playing with, without even knowing their ID. You can also search using the persons name, but a lot of the time there are people with multiple names. 

How do you search for people using IDs? 

Online-> Player Search --> By ID

just got my copy today... as soon as my brother is done playing i'll be all over it. i will post my online details later.

hope i enjoy it... but i'm sure i will!

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my name on monster hunter is : youjiro... please add that to the list. Also how do you find the capcom code?

wii friend code: 3164-3458-9149-5470

PSN ID: youjiro87

360 Gamertag: PM me to find out!

Is this game worth getting? From what i can tell there are no classes its all wepon base but this means there no magick nor support so is it a pure tank / damages deleing game? Also how the rng weapons only seem to be the bowgun thing.

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There is support, the gunners have health rounds, and other supportive ammo, they also have the ammo that will negativly affect the targets status.

There is no magic per say, only explosive rounds which have AOE or like the wyvern ammo which does does loads of damage to whatever gets hit.

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The Hunt Begins 4/20/2010 =D

I'm pretty bloody pissed right now, I was playing it at a friends house then I came home and now it's bloody not working.....it won't read discs. The thing didn't get bashed around at all and the disc looks silver slate clean and polished with no dust.

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Well i guess that more real to life i mean the only ture magic we know of is human tech or biochemicals of life. The gunner may be a fun class wepon to use then. How is the lag? I only play smash online and well i am use to it but it can be bad at times i know i played you befor dib8 not seen you on smash in a long time and you know that my web not the best. So i am wordy if i get it and get online i will never get to play with ppl that offten due to the lag. I do like the sond of the game i just been buying a lot of games as of lattly (more then 2 with in a few months) and there are 3 other games i want to get fallout lost vagies SC2 and ff14 and i am not one to buy a lot of games constly wordly about becoming a zomby (though i play ff11 all the dam time so i am a hipocrit lol.) What you guys think?

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