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Monster Hunter 3 Tri the Official Thread


About Monster Hunter Tri:

Monster Hunter Tri depicts an ecosystem where man co-exists with fantastic beasts that roam both the land and the sea. Featuring both online and offline cooperative modes, players can join online hunting parties with up to four players or play with two players on a single TV for select quests. Players also have the option to face Monster Hunter Tri's quests as a single player experience accompanied by Cha-Cha, an AI hunting partner whose tracking and trapping skills will prove invaluable in the hunt.


Genre: Third-Person Action
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom Production Studio 1
Online Play: 4 Co-op
Local Play: 2 Co-op

Copatability: Wii Speak, Classic Controller, Nunchuck and Classic Controller Pro and USB Keyboard

Release Date: April 20, 2010 (America)
MSRP: $49.99 ($55.00 w/ Classic Controller Pro) Also with 500 Wii points if preordered*

ESRB Rating: T for Alcohol Reference, Blood, Fantasy Violence
Exclusively on Wii

Link: http://wii.ign.com/objects/142/14209897.html


The Official Website: http://www.capcom.com/monster/#/en/

The MAJOR RESOURCE SITE: http://monsterhunter.wikia.com/wiki/Monster_Hunter_3 

In Europe the game was announced bundled with Wii Speak:



Zexen_lowe’s hype news:



Games Con – Trailer


Character Creation 

Kurrupekko Ecology



Box Art (US):




Under Water Battles –

 Rathian –

 Home Sweet Home –

Swamp Fall O.o –



 What is Monster Hunter ?


1.It’s a series with a online and offline mode in Tri


2. The main point is to do missions and successes unlock harder missions


3. You are Hunter, usually you’re the mercenary that was hired to get rid of the monsters.


4. Online, you are one of many Hunters, but almost like a mirror the better you are at it the odds are you’ll stand out.


5.The game is skill based, it takes the same type of skill to beat pac-man or tetris as it does to play Monster Hunter; prediction and twitchy          reflexes.


6. It is not Poke’-Mon or Pocket Monster or Digimon it is Monster Hunter


7. To surmise Monster Hunter fulfills any desire you could have had to be around fighting dinosaurs without worry about that T-Rex ripping you to shreds.


8. Monster Hunter is not an MMORPG the game is a console game so it does have an end game boss and a closing, however you can continue afterwards to unlock the bonus mission difficulty.



As the game stands in relation to other known games:

Graphics: Monster Hunter Tri > Just about all Wii games before it.  

Presentation: It appears on surface to be a 3d Fighting Beat-em up but the depth makes itself clear unforgivably quickly.

Plot: It’s Monster Hunter, in offline mode you’re the Hunter that is called to help a village outside of the big cities. They recently have had monster troubles and need your assistance. Offline is where you can hone your skills for the thrill of online. While Monster Hunter Tri may not have a narrative it definetly has a story; the story of a hunter.

Online you are one of many Hunters but if you have some talent you can quickly become one of the guys that only hunt the big dangerous ones, the guy that is always prepared.

Game Play:  Monster hunter places a lot of emphasis on hunting, even when not the monsters, to simply make a mega potion you need Honey and a Potion, to make a Potion you need Blue Mushrooms and Herbs. You find the Mushrooms growing around or in the bellies of herbivores in that area. The game also has a series of weapons to choose from, each is vastly different from the other, some require an experts touch others give you some leeway. The fun missions are the Wyvern hunts, either capture of kill, these missions put all your abilities to the test and in online where friendly fire is always on, team work becomes very important.

Overall: Monster Hunter is not for everyone, I’ll give some tips later, but playing my first Monster Hunter I quit the game for about two months before I picked it up again with an enlightened vigor. The game isn’t very similar to anything out there besides another Monster Hunter. 


Bad Stuff:

Nothing to report here.


Good Stuff:

Game Play is calm to intense, in Wyvern hunts preparing the field can be as important as attacking the monster. Setting up traps and poisoning the quarry can make an intense fight cool down a little.

The environments suck you in as well as the amazing sound track the game boasts, boss fights get even more bossish.

There is a demo; it’s been years since I’ve seen a console game demo, and one exists, check it out.

I'm Unamerica and you can too.

The Official Huge Monster Hunter Thread: 

The Hunt Begins 4/20/2010 =D

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Reserving for Tips and Info (Random percentage is now .2% Completed)



So you want to be a Hunter but not just any hunter - you want to be a Monster Hunter. Well I'll snap you into shape, although I can't actually do the snapping; I bet that the monster will do it for me.

1. Rule one of Monster Hunter is be prepared, always pack your potions, the demo gives you an idea of the kind of consumables you should keep in stock.

2. Know your weapon, each weapon plays differently, you have to feel it out, the weapon affects you which means it affects everything.

3. Camera control, this game isn't for ninnys, you don't have any magical helper keeping tabs on where your quarry is and what is trying to kill you other than your quarry. Figuring out which controller fits you the best with what weapon your using helps with this.

Optimally it's best to adjust the camera any time you can, the times you can are usually when your doing anything but attacking. With some weapons the attacks take long enough or are predictable enough that you can adjust the camera while attacking.

4. Keeping track of your target only helps you some of the times, some times you may have two wyvrens or three in a map and you need more than sight, use your hearing and listen to the howls and calls of the monsters, they are dead give aways to what will happen next. Master this and even DevilJo won't lay a tail on you.

That's enough for now, when the game is finally available this section will have a summary of tips from you and your fellow hunters.

Part 1.

Normal Flow -

In Monster Hunter your not always spending time on deaths armchair, you also spend time at home or in town, you can do quite a few things, but the most important has to be requesting the hunt.

In offline mode you do this in a village but in online mode you have to go to the Hunters Guild and request your hunt.

But don't think because your a hunter you automatically qualify for anything, you need to earn your rank, Hunters Rank 1 to 7 are fairly easy as the offline mode has you going through Hunters ranks 1 to 6 but to have access to the ranks beyond that you need to prove yourself.

Missions can range from.

Collection of Wyvren eggs, to taking on the or capturing the Wyvren itself.

Once you've got your gear set and your consumables made or purchased head to the nice lady giving out missions and take a step into Hunterhood.

Here's a good source for more details on town affairs and some on even the quests: http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=171691

Very kind of him.

But I'll give you a tip you wont find anywhere else, now while each weapon is unique they do have learning curves heres the easiest to pick up to the hardest list.

1. Sword & Shield   2. Great Sword    3. Long Sword / Switch Axe   5. Hammer/Maul    6. Light Bow Gun   7. Mid Bow Gun/Spear and Shield  

8. Heavy Bow Gun


That's the order of weapons by how easy they are to pick up and how hard they are to master "1" being the easiest.


Part 2.

Your on the field

So your going to finally do something, the order of things is to first go to the blue bin and pull the resources that someone, probably the chief or the last hunter left for you to help you out. Rations, Ammo and so on can be found here. Take a look and enjoy the 10 seconds of music.

In the field if your not hunting your getting resources, from herbs and mushrooms, to meat and rare ores and maybe even bug collecting. Though your agenda may have nothing to do with a particular thing something will be there to make your life harder if you don't go prepared. Nothing like catching butterflys while a Great Jaggi tries to eat you alive or worse yet, hunting a Kurrupecko while a Rathian tries to eat you alive.


Part 3. The Nitty Gritty

Every one of these beastys are hiding something, and although you may think your job is to kill it if it walks your purpose is a little bit trickier than that. In Monster Hunter yar not just slashing away an HP guage like other games yar pickin' yar spots and poke'n em twice. Now here's your check list!

The monster list is kind enough explains it self well enough no need for me to add much to this one, at least this picture is meaningful.

But here's a tip You can tell by the colors what is weaker, blue is weakest the dark areas are the next weakest and the light areas not so weak.

What's that!? Too small??? Well just right click it then click view image then why don't ya!?

I'm Unamerica and you can too.

The Official Huge Monster Hunter Thread: 

The Hunt Begins 4/20/2010 =D

How to Get Online:

1. You need Your Wii to be Wifi enabled or wire connected to a router or cable modem, please see your Nintendo Wii operations manual.

2. A copy of Monster Hunter Tri.

3. In the menu after selecting a character choose City instead of Town.

4. Read the user agreement (Yea right) and move on to agree, select a online save slot for your character which will be assigned a capcom code randomly.

5. Congratulations your Online. There are a few servers to select from the number to the right of the server name indicates the population.

5.1 - Once you enter a server and enter a Channel you will move to the Town gate, look around and then move forward. The cool thing about the Town Gate area is you can communicate and coordinate games with anyone else in the Town Gate map without messaging them.



The City has all the stuff the Village did and then some, your guest house is on the left of the city, the gear upgrading places are on the right, in the first area you can buy tools for making traps and so on and in the middle is the Hunters Hall where you can accept missions as well as buy goods and get some grub.

To run a mission notice 2 things, one is the mission counter, that is where you as leader select which mission to do, anyone can do this but whoever does it is the leader of that run. If you are not the leader then notice the second thing, which is the bill board on the left of the counter and the right of the stairs, this is where you select the leaders current mission and join the party.

You can arm wrestle, eat, dance and so on in the Hall to pass the time, even do speed runs in the collosium.


If you check your menu under the tab of "ONLINE" you will see messages selection, activate that one and you will see "INBOX", "OUTBOX" and "NEW MESSAGE" select New message and you will need to enter the users name, it's advised to use the users code to prevent sending the message to the wrong person with the same name. You can add the person as a friend by clicking yes on the 2nd option after entering the users name your sending to, you MUST write a message then click send.

You know you recieved a message by the envelope icon on the top of the screen, simply follow the above steps and activate "INBOX" instead. You can accept friend requests from others this way as well.

~ Happy Hunting





1. This list is a prototype for when the game begins, since we are 5 days away as of this update, I'm going to start requesting the names of vgc users who want to be on this list.

2. All times are based or should be based on your GMT please identify your GMT( -5 is US East, -6 Central and - 7 Western)

3. If you are from Japan or EU and would like to participate then please go ahead and post that.

4. There Will be a League, I've got to work some kinks out though and also wait until the game is released =D.

5. I've taken the liberty of listing myself, please provide the same information in you want to be listed:

Name - GMT - MH Name - Capcom Code - Weekday Availability - Maybe Availablity - Weekend Availability



The List:


VGChartz Name GMT Monster Hunter Name Capcom Code  Weekday Avail. Weekday Avail Opt. Weekend Schedule.
koopatrooper     Unknown      
dib8rman -4  Arc F5J8R4 6pm-12pm 11am- 3pm 12pm - 4pm
MasterZack     Unknown      
vonboysp     Unknown      
soulsamurai     Unknown      
-PaNdOrA-    PaNdOrA  XQZYUV      
youjiro      Unknown      
dahuman  -8 DHBURN  CBTU8Q  12am - 5am  All Wednesday
Kenology -5 Kenology Unknown 5pm-11pm    
.:Dark Prince:.   2 Giorgoc P1KFB7  9pm - 4am    
09tarheel   Jack XVY59C      
sc94597   iber CBDFLE   2pm-10pm 2pm-10pm
BoneArk   KLASH ZAJG2W 3pm-12am    
Opa-Opa -5 Walnutz Unknoqn      
Kage848 -4 Kage848 8NWV6F     On Steam Always
Mr Khan   Ogodei YV3Y7G Friday 8-10 PM Sunday 7-8 Saturday 7-9
.jayderyu   Jayde Y6L3BL      
leader_e   emad xt6hgn      
Tayne -7 Tayne QVLFCM Friday 8-10pm

c0rd -5 cord FBDU1K      
Finnbar    Finnbar  LTMJ45      
SHMUPgurus   KIRK RY68P7      
RolStoppable PAL Rol PL8BJJ      
woopah PAL Unknown MLHLAL      
megaman79 PAL WAZA
W73 UDT  Australia  East Coast
 Chrizum    Chrizum  PEPCA4      













Noname's info:

Okay, so the North American times are set. I'll repost this in the Online forum pending permission, but here's the dealio:

EVERY GAME IS IN: Open Servers, Wisdom 3, City Gate 20, City 20.

Monday: darkiswr, kage848, mr.kahn, xeroxm3
Tuesday*: tehkyle, kenology, bigjon, c0rd, BoneArk, strife91
Wednesday: smokedhostage, cocobrow, pmaster4, skorpion,
Thursday: pretendo, arm, inkies19, armands
Friday: N/A
Saturday: N/A
Sunday: spiffiness, entilzha, fuzzykitten, finnbar

Floaters**: dib8rman, noname2200, silvervue

*These are the high-ranked members: any overflow should go into City 21.
**: Folks who are, by design, going to join other games to fill in gaps

I'm Unamerica and you can too.

The Official Huge Monster Hunter Thread: 

The Hunt Begins 4/20/2010 =D

This game will be a hit I'm telling you, at least 100,000 first week in USA and it's getting advertised in UK, there's even a MH3 tour going all over the country.

Buying in 2015: Captain toad: treasure tracker,

mario maker

new 3ds

yoshi woolly world

zelda U

majora's mask 3d

Preordered the Limited edition (MH3 + Wii Speak + CC). Can't wait; and I have played the Japanese version.

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In the demo against kurrupekko I got the Rathian, O.o wasn't fun, just scary =/ Especially with that time limit.

For anyone wondering that enemy in the last video, I know it's kind of dark, but that is kurropekko, its not too hard but it's ability makes it a pain.

It can mimic calls so in that video it called Evil Joe for help.

Evil Joe is it's nick name it's also called the Terror Dragon and Deviljo.


Pretty much a Giant muscle on legs with the face only a mother could love... if it's mom was predator.


I'm Unamerica and you can too.

The Official Huge Monster Hunter Thread: 

The Hunt Begins 4/20/2010 =D


Although I believe the OP is riddled with enough, 1 more to push the 56kers boundries.

I'm Unamerica and you can too.

The Official Huge Monster Hunter Thread: 

The Hunt Begins 4/20/2010 =D

please also add me to that list

N64 is the ONLY console of the fifth generation!

bet with *no one yet* that the combined first week of Monster Hunter 3 in america and europe will be 600k or more! winner changes looser sig and avatar for two months!

Ok, added, April 20th is the release date, gonna search for anymore info.

I'm Unamerica and you can too.

The Official Huge Monster Hunter Thread: 

The Hunt Begins 4/20/2010 =D

dib8rman said:

In the demo against kurrupekko I got the Rathian, O.o wasn't fun, just scary =/ Especially with that time limit.

For anyone wondering that enemy in the last video, I know it's kind of dark, but that is kurropekko, its not too hard but it's ability makes it a pain.

It can mimic calls so in that video it called Evil Joe for help.

Evil Joe is it's nick name it's also called the Terror Dragon and Deviljo.


Pretty much a Giant muscle on legs with the face only a mother could love... if it's mom was predator.


Really? All i ever saw it summon was the Jaggi...

Monster Hunter: pissing me off since 2010.