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Well I'm not ashamed, but I don't broadcast I'm a gamer. Most people probably didn't know I game'd I guess.

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Nah, telling her you're gay would probably be pretty cool with her and you end up commenting on the other guys in the bar.

Hammertime said:

I'm gay....I love mens bums and when I meet a girl one of the first things I tell her is just how much I love a mans arse.

I said 'attractive girl', not a girl that is attracted to the guy speaking to her (she might be but she might not), so in order not to destroy your chances with girl (if you're not a bender) the last thing you would bring up is your Halo high score.

You speak a lot of truth.

However I would like to add that Wii Sports increases your chances of getting laid by tenfold, for all girls except the very classy types, which aren't my types anyhow.

So I guess I agree, the Wii is the only console at which general populance won't laugh at you for, and the hot chick might even like it herself.


Basically I game the way I like cars, and talk about them the same amount when someone shows interest.

Im not ashamed of being a gamer but I dont tell my friends about most of the gaming sites I visit, too many fanboys that end up making all gamers look like a bunch of tards.

grapeape said:
Im not ashamed of being a gamer but I dont tell my friends about most of the gaming sites I visit, too many fanboys that end up making all gamers look like a bunch of tards.

Way too true. I'm not ashamed to be a gamer, but I am extrmely ashamed that I can be grouped with a lot of people like that. Way too many for my taste, and it's quite shameful.

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Why it's important what a woman thinks about you, anyway? Heck, it's not even important if you know her in the real world, and this one was on IM.

And to answer the original question, I'm very proud of the things I like and the things I do, so I'm proud of being a gamer, I'm proud of being a Gundam fan, I'm proud of liking weird music that nobody likes, I'm proud of having a weird hairstyle and I'm proud of being a geek.

BUT, I don't bombard people around me with things that are not of their interest, and I don't try to "convert" them into what I like and do. That is "SAD".

Ashamed of being a gamer... are you crazy?

Embarrassed about still playing Pokemon? Yes, but I still defend it as a great casual game to play when your away from home.

I'm not ashamed

Having a hobby is normal, having it become an unheathly obsession isn't.

Pixel Art can be fun.

Hell no!

I admit my gaming habit at work, at home, everywhere.

One of my co-workers even got into a heated argument with me about how he thinks making games takes zero talent and that anyone can make a video game but not everyone can write a book.

Shit, I can write a book if I wanted to, doesn't mean it will be any good. Same goes with games.


I find it so sad that so people are so oblivious to this.

I find it even more sad when people blame violent video games for corrupting children, when the truth is that it is actually the fault of the stupid parents who buy them games for their kids.

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if somebody can't accept me for who i am, the things i like, then why would i want them to like me in the first place?

hey guys guess what?! i'm a gamer XD

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