fable 3-no combate for first 30 Min.

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just hought I'd let you guys know...


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Ok, so this is like the point that people would get upset over. It may or may not be too long for people who are used to normal RPGs.

OH geez going to be Lost Odyssey all over for me. Sure ya had the tutorial fights at the beginning but then so long to get to anything else. Argh.

That isn't such a big deal, lot's of story driven RPG's don't have their first battle or introduction to the battle system for such amount of time.

30 minutes isn't that much when you look at games which are over 40+ hours long at the very least

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it doesn't matter. 30 min is nothing.

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Not a big deal, Fable 2 didnt have combat either for like the first 40 minutes.

Fable 1 and 2 were the same.

not much different from Fable 2

It doesn't matter a bit to me as a player, but it does mean I can't show the beginning to several of my friends, because they'll get bored with all the dialog and choices way before they get to the hacking and slashing.


Not a big deal what so ever.

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