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Fake. XD

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That's right. The fastest selling console ever in the history of gaming will be replaced after a shorter time than the xbox 1 was.

lvader said:
Nintendo going back to big power hungry consoles, I don't think so.

In this day and age, building a machine that can crank out the specs they've listed probably isn't all that expensive or power hungry. Sony had to add the r&d for the Cell and Blu-Ray into the cost but they can pump out a machine that does everything the Nintendo one is rumored to do and sell it for $299 and take a lose of less than $20 per console.  

Given that Nintendo probably won't use some custom inhouse chip and won't have to invent a totally new media format, they can probably sell one for $250-$300 and be near break even.

Original Article said:
A scheme will be available in which it is possible to trade in the original Wii for a cheaper price on the new Wii 2.

This seems unlikely.  I don't know of any console or handheld that's ever done something like this.  The cost for shipping all those old Wii's back to some plant would be expensive and I don't see the point unless they've figured out some way to use some of the old parts in the new system.  If they did a program i'd imagine it's something like your Wii makes some unique ID code and you send that code end for a $50 rebate rather than Nintendo having to deal with shipping and disposing of like 67 million consoles.

Q3 2010 seems unlikely.  It's not needed this soon.  The Wii still sells close to what both of its competitors sell combined.  Plus, the longer they wait the cheaper and cheaper more powerful or similar technology to what's inside the 360 and PS3 becomes.

I see one way, how this rumor might come true.

Maybe a few will remember the Panasonic Q from last generation. It was a GameCube with DVD-Playback.

Mabe Nintendo does this again and makes a Wii with BlueRay-Playback.

However, in this case I wouldn't call it Wii 2.

I remembered hearing about this last year, I don't know if its true,but, I'll wait until Nintendo says something.


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Ya know it sounds crazy but its not out of the question. All 1080p + Blu-ray means is it would be equal to PS3 so its not like its some crazy new technology. I would be kinda shocked if true though because putting out a successor to the best selling console ever after just 4 years is insane.

If Nintendo actually disposed of older Wiis exchanged for the new ones, I'm sure that would grant them a higher place in that Greenpeace list in which they keep ending up at the bottom... yeah, but it will probably not happen

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Also this rumor is so bad-done (I don't know if that is writen right :P) that they forget that there are a lot of games scheduled for this year's end.

Above: still the best game of the year.

I call bollocks. Especially considering this supposedly came from a random 'Marketing Nintendo France Service' (lol whut?) employee. XD

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Nintendo already said that there won't be a wii 2.

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