What francise made you buy a 360? Vote here.

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What francise made you buy a 360? Vote here.

Halo 72 39.56%
Gears 60 32.97%
Fable 9 4.95%
Forza 3 1.65%
Mass Effect 33 18.13%
Splinter Cell 5 2.75%

alan wake might make me buy one


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Gears here.

I LOVE paying for Xbox Live! I also love that my love for it pisses off so many people.

The same reason I picked up an original Xbox: PGR.

Gears- first game I played on the system. At that point in time, Halo 3 wasn't even out, and I really was not a fan of the second game.

PGR3, FN3 & Burnout Revenge

Being in 2nd feels so much better than being in 3rd

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Dead Rising.

A friend of mine introduced me to Gears. I bought a 360 right away.

Mass Effect 1 & 2 remains my best investment thou.

Mass Effect and Star Ocean. I bought the 360 after Star Ocean 4 was announced as a Console exclusive. I was very interested in Mass effect but it was available on PC as well (I have bought both).

Now that Star Ocean is out on PS3, I still don't regret buying it. All the JRPGs that I wanted to play were on 360 (at least initially) and some console exclusives as well (Mass Effect, Gears of war etc.)


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Gears of war : I was a massive PS fanboy til that came out , now im a xbot lol


Same here ehehehehehehe

Once you go blac.... you never come.... What? Once you go XBOX LIVE you never go "behind"

Someone said Lost Planet? What a great game!

Me too, I remember all of my misplaced xbox hate during the PS2 years, now things are a bit different lol.

My hate for the original Xbox got shifted into the Wii.

I owned PS2+Gamecube last gen and hated the Xbox.

This gen I own all three, but hate the Wii.

I didn't hate the xbox last gen just didn't buy one. This time I definitley dislike the wii, I haven't turned on mine for months (I have been quite busy at work). My xbox360 hasn't seen much love either. I routinely use PS3 though for movies, netflix and occasional PSclassic games.


"Gears of War"