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What do you mean? We are intentionally tracking higher as we believe that the actual figures are a fair bit higher than NPD are reporting, after talking to Microsoft. Maybe stores not tracked by NPD are doing particularly well on 360 sales, maybe their extrapolations don't work as well for 360, maybe Microsoft are lying to us , maybe our data is wrong.

Who knows?

But I think NPD are tracking particularly low over the last 3-4 months on DS and 360 sales for whatever reason.

As the aim of our figures - as has been stated many times - isn't to "match NPD" but to "reflect reality" then I personally think these comparisons are often quite unfair and meaningless. But TheSource choses to do them as if he didn't somebody else would and we may as well get in there first...

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URNotE said:
ioi said:
-These do not include Canada sales
-Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron is a pack in
-DS hardware is intentionally 10% or so higher
-Guitar Hero III on 360 presumably has a stand alone version as well, so not as different as it first looks.

I believe NPD have been undertracking Xbox360 for the last few months so I'm pretty happy with the comparisons - we are intentionally tracking higher than NPD on 360.

Note - I WILL NOT be making any major alterations to our figures in light of NPDs information. Most software is actually almost identical and it is 360 software we disagree most on.

well hopefully you still adjust hardware numbers doesnt seem right that you are knowing and intentionally tracking higher for one console but not the others

He does that because of way higher shipment number than sold.

Well, I hope this shows once and for all why people shouldn't trust Sony's reports to be sold-to-customers.

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I hate when good titles bomba.

Ratchet and Clank, Ace Combat 6, and PGR4 should've performed better, especially since GTA4 was shifted out of this month. What is the world coming to?!?

A swift end, that's what.

shams said:
Sony's claim HAS TO BE shipped figures. Its the only thing that makes sense. They have NO access to "retailer to consumer" sales - only units they sell to retailers.

Looking forward to the adjustment of the main figures + software figures. Going to change a lot.

Wii gains about 250k over the 360 worldwide, and almost 100k over the PS3 worldwide.

What do you know what has Sony access or not ?

For instance as paying client for NPD they have the FULL NPD report month after month ,same with Media Create ,GFK ,Game Charts etc etc .

Second Stringer told explicitly that they were selling between 30 and 40K consoles weekly ,exactly what they have sold (30K with US data alone ,with Canada it will be around 34K or so ) .They know what they have been selling then and they know what they are selling now .

 Third ,if retailers were commanding some 30-40k consoles prior and now are commanding 75K one week and 100K the next its becasue they are getting out of stock .

 Simple as that .

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loadedstatement said:
URNotE, who says NPD is right and VGC is wrong? ioi won't change 360 hardware probably. They PREDICT just like we do.

you misunderstood what i said and what he said.. i said i dont think its fair to intentionally track or estimate one console higher than the others... lets say his data gave him (x )amount of consoles sold but for (x) reason you decide to track that one console a little higher than the data that was given and not the others i dont think thats fair.. at the end of the day it doesnt really matter though but im just statin what i see or think is right... please dont take this the wrong way because its not meant that way

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Diomedes1976 said:
R& C numbers are only from one day .

I knew 360 was massively overtracked .

We still lack the Canada numbers though ,those can put some plattforms quite close to the vgcartz number (PS3 ,PSP ) .

Actually, reporting for the period ended on the 3rd of November. It had eleven days to sell. Even if it only went on sale on the 31'st, that's still 4 days to sell. Sales have been historically top heavy. The same applies for R&C. There's no way you can spin this bombed title. It failed to sell at least 116,000 units. That is pretty sad. What confuses me is that everyone says that there aren't any good games for the PS3, yet when a decent one comes along, the PS loyalists still don't buy it in significant numbers. This is definititly a trend that is going to continue on through to 08.


Edit: According to sources @ NeoGaf, R&C only sold 74,500 units over those eleven days.   Are you still going to proclaim that it's selling well?

Diomedes1976 said:

If you dont plan to make any alteration to the hardware sold then you will end up with a massive difference with NPD .If you want the site to be accurate you should do the appropiate changes .Nobody will take the site seriously if there is a 1 million difference in numbers ,specially having the NPD ones at hand .

The "I believe NPD have been undertracking " X360 dont work either .I could do (hypotethically ) my own site with the numbers I "believe " too .

Sigh... You're tenacious, I will give you that. 

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ioi said:
- Guitar Hero III on 360 presumably has a stand alone version as well, so not as different as it first looks.

According to SimExchange the two combined put the 360 version at 491k (and from that top ten it couldn't be better than 500k). Also, that top ten puts the PS2 at 503k combined.

If true, this is overtracking the 360 version by ~60%, and undertracking the PS2 version by ~50%.

You guys are the experts and will do as you wish. But these aren't small differences. Canada or no Canada.

Reality has a Nintendo bias.

Diomedes I'm not convinced Stringer has the time to go over the weekly data for sell through in each region when he can just look at shipped consoles and know that his bottom line is increasing.

At the same time, you should be happy with VGC numbers for PS3 this month as it would appear NPD is in greater disagreement with Sony that Vgchartz since our PS3 number is higher and a bit closer to Stringers figures - whether shipped or sold to customers.

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