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    < hershel_layton posted something on Scisca's wall:

    I recall seeing your avatar and thinking, "what the hell is a person like that doing on VGChartz?". Then I look at your wall and realize you don't even know who the person is. I wonder if you ever got any horny personal messages sent to you.

    Hi :)
    Apart from some random sex-bot that wants me to write back to "chat and see her naked photos" but gets banned before I even notice the message, no. Not even once. And even taking into account that my nickname ends with "a".
    Strange actually.

    on 04 June 2016

    < Dr.Vita posted something on Scisca's wall:

    So you like Gothic 2? Interesting dude, I love this game!!!

    Yeah, I love the series. Played the crap out of Gothic 1 and 2 :) Legendary games, exactly my favourite type of games, so much better than TES. If they got ported to Vita... Man... Gothic II with Die Nacht des Raben and trophies. A dream :)

    on 26 February 2015

    < spurgeonryan posted something on Scisca's wall:

    Her bust is almost too big for your avatar to handle!

    For avatar - maybe, but surely not for me :)

    on 11 September 2014

    < ErwinMoC posted something on Scisca's wall:

    Who is that on your profile pic?

    My girlfriend...

    ...I'd wish ;-) I have no idea who she is, but she is perfect for me :-) I'd marry a chick like that.

    on 31 August 2014

    < Kaizar posted something on Scisca's wall:

    Best Movies of 2014 Thread:

    Trailers are in the 4th & 5th OP.

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    Students beat classmate to death screaming Allahu Akbar (New graphic video)

    in Politics Discussion 6 days ago

    Anyone putting all religions in one basket and on par is incredibly ignorant. It's undeniable that islam is different from other religions and can't be compared to them, since it's a savage and merciless war doctrine and a totalitarian political system merely disguised as a religion. Most of the scriptures aren't even centered around religion, but on politics. It deserves to be treated just like...

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    Is Wii U now worth it?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 07 April 2017

    How much does it cost? If it's around $100 - yes. If more - no way. Just buy the Switch, you've got a better version of the Zelda and I honestly believe (and hope ;-) ) that all important Wii U games will be ported to the Switch. I hope Ninty turns it into the ultimate Nintendo platform allowing us to enjoy all the N goodness from GCN/Wii era though VC + upgraded ports of Wii U games on top of...

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    Veknoid Ranks the Star Wars Movies

    in Movies Discussion on 07 April 2017

    I've watched all the movies this year and I've actually came to the conclusion that TFA is the worst movie out of the bunch. It was a shock to me, since I genuinely enjoyed it in the cinema, much more than the new Trilogy by Lucas back in the day, but oh well. The Phantom Menace is the second worst out of the mainline movies, but Liam Neeson and Darth Maul alone are worth more than the whole TFA,...


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