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    < Miguel_Zorro posted something on Aerys's wall:

    Are you using a French language keyboard?

    I'm pretty sure that he is, considering the words like thé instead of the and à instead of a. What confuses me is that his profile says that he's from the UK

    on 08 February 2017

    He probably didn't fill that part out. UK is the default option.

    on 08 February 2017

    I assume because Brett is British? I never actually knew that it defaulted to the UK.

    on 08 February 2017

    I assume so.

    on 08 February 2017

    Take a look at where all the spambots are from..

    on 08 February 2017

    < ohmylanta1003 posted something on Aerys's wall:

    Hey man. Giving you another chance to change your profile pic.


    on 19 June 2016


    on 23 June 2016

    < BraLoD posted something on Aerys's wall:

    Passing to remind you about your prediction in this thread:

    91,5 is not an acceptable score as it can't happen on Metacritic, so please pick a number like 91 or 92 or something else without any fractions.

    *Post the score on the thread.

    Thank you.

    < Hynad posted something on Aerys's wall:

    It's always better if it comes out on a Nintendo console.

    < bouzane posted something on Aerys's wall:

    I'm moving the discussion here because it is unrelated to its parent thread.

    "The epicness of Halo CE was something i never found again in any other Halo , some could say it's because of nostalgy but i can still enjoy other FPS's ( even if they become rare, i'm not so much into FPS anymore i think, since COD 4 , maybe my tastes just evolved)"

    That's understandable, the sequels certainly don't hold a candle to the original in terms of story or scope. I just liked the gameplay improvements in Reach although I never got around to finishing it (that doesn't speak well of it I know LOL). I'm a huge shooter fan but I haven't played a lot of FPS games since Modern Warfare because there has been a clear decline in the genre, it's not just you.

    The only thing saving the FPS genre these days is the revival of FPS RPGs with Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Metro 2033, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and Bioshock.

    Yeah there is no more games like Half Life ( and even Half Life 2 was not as good as the first one), TimeSplitters nowadays, fortunately we have indeed some master piece like Bioshock ( i liked Metro but it bored me at some point in the game)

    on 03 June 2015

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    George Lucas Was Right About the Star Wars Fanbase

    in Movies Discussion on 19 December 2017

    I'm still amazed to see people able to defend this movie. Defend it to the point they are going to attack the fans to deny the objective flaws of this movie. So many things are wrong with it, you have to accept that, for example, would you dare to say this star wars has not the worst OST of all star wars movies ? Star Wars without a good OST is not star wars anymore...

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    July 2017 NPD Thread! Switch #1

    in Sales Discussion on 14 August 2017

    X1 not even in the top 3 on it's biggest territory, who would have believed it 1-2 years ago ? When some people still thought that It would sell as much as X360...

    Write 70

    Crash Bandicoot Is Already Amazon UKs Best Selling Game of the Year

    in Sales Discussion on 02 July 2017

    Ljink96 said: Yeah, sounds abut right. Keep in mind guys, this is the UK...not the entire EU. It's not just UK, but the entire Europe.   I see reports of the game being sold out everywhere.   Even in m'y country, the crashmania is insane and has been so much under estimateur by Sony, crash could have been their biggest character...


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