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    < Roketan posted something on Kresnik's wall:

    Thanks for accepting my friend request!

    Welcome :)

    1 day ago

    < Veknoid_Outcast posted something on Kresnik's wall:

    Looks like I may be reviewing Shiren the Wanderer!

    Well then! I'm really not a fan of turn-based roguelikes (I really struggled my way through Sorcery Saga) but I've heard incredible things about Shiren. Looking forward to hearing what you have to say about it!

    3 days ago

    I think I've logged more hours on Vita than any other system this year!

    3 days ago

    Haha. Me too, but that's a given. Just recently finished Octodad!

    2 days ago

    How was it? What else is on your Vita wish list for the remainder of 2016?

    2 days ago

    I really enjoyed it. Very, very short but the game's heart and humor really brought it to life.

    You know me, I'm into anything niche and Japanese. Steins;Gate 0 is obviously top of my list, I'm really looking forward to World of Final Fantasy; Trails of Cold Steel 2 & Exist Archive as well. Plus filling out my library with some of LRG's releases.

    Indie-wise, Drift Stage, Drifter and YIIK are looking good. Plus I'm secretly hoping Stardew Valley comes to Vita since the porting dev have loads of experience on the console.

    2 days ago

    < tak13 posted something on Kresnik's wall:

    The 2015 CESA report is being released in ten days, wish to get psv shipments estimation update! :P

    It's time for us to argue again for that topic, like last year! :)

    Lol. I think I'll just stay out of the discussion this year, you all know my feelings on the subject :P

    on 16 July 2016

    < outlawauron posted something on Kresnik's wall:

    Did you ever order anything from the Heavy-Arm store?

    I haven't, no, but the people on Vita Lounge forums absolutely swear by it.

    My Asian orders mostly come from Play-Asia, although I have used Buygame2 in the past (actually had better service than P-A if I'm being honest) and I've used a private seller I met on GAF too.

    What're you thinking of buying?

    on 07 July 2016

    I was thinking about the SRT games, Gundam Breaker, and possibly Asterik War.

    on 07 July 2016

    Well, they're all on P-A at least. If you look around you can normally nab a $5 off if you spend over $60 as well (I'd offer you one if I had a spare one).

    on 07 July 2016

    < Veknoid_Outcast posted something on Kresnik's wall:

    Bunch of Vita games on sale in N. America this week. Anything you recommend? I wish we had the same lineup as EU :-/

    Got a link to the sale and I'll check? I have a feeling your tastes are a little different to mine though (I'm quite a fan of the nicher Japanese stuff :P)

    on 01 July 2016

    Never mind, just found it (I think).

    Ar no Surge Plus is a beautiful game/story, but you really need to have read the Ciel no Surge summary to appreciate it, so a cautious recommendation on that one.

    Atelier Totori Plus is the best way to jump into the franchise in my opinion. Lovely story; decent combat; exploration is fun etc. Series isn't for everyone though and it's quite slow-paced. One of my favourite Vita games of all time though.

    Cel Damage HD is a fun car combat game with a saturday morning cartoon aesthetic and is a steal for $2.99.

    Tales of Hearts R is an average Tales game, but Tales is Tales and if you like that kind of thing it's really fun. Combat is one of my favourite of all the series though, which is something.

    I've heard the Swindle is good, haven't played it though.

    on 01 July 2016

    You beat me to it!

    I own a physical copy of Tales R, so I can cross that off. I'll check out the others. Thanks Krezzy!

    on 01 July 2016

    Oh, have you tried Severed yet?

    on 01 July 2016

    I haven't! Was waiting for a sale to be honest, definitely gonna try it but I've not been madly interested. Did you enjoy it?

    on 01 July 2016

    Game of the year so far!

    on 01 July 2016

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    COMG! Japan Pre-order Chart Thread - Daily updates!

    in Sales Discussion 8 hours ago

    Kerotan said: Say capcom released a monster hunter heroes,  monster hunter builders and a much upgraded MH5 port built for the ps4 I think they'd do similar numbers to the existing dragon quest games on ps4.  I don't understand this comparison.  Spinoffs are a different kettle of fish than main games - I'm sure DQ11 will do alright because RPG's are becoming...

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    COMG! Japan Pre-order Chart Thread - Daily updates!

    in Sales Discussion 8 hours ago

    Kerotan said: Personally I'd like the ps4 to put up a good showing which it seems to be doing.  I wouldn't ask for better than the vita version just a significant slice so the ps4 keeps getting vita ports.  I don't think the IP can get the kinds of numbers it'll need to survive from PS4.  Maybe Toukiden 2 will prove me wrong but so far PS4 has managed to show...

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    Official Playstation Vita Thread! Tokyo Xanadu coming to West! BERSERK MUSOU! Yomawari: Night Alone and Exist Archive heading West! Ray Gigant in May! DQ H2! Uppers! SWO: Hollow Realization

    in Sony Discussion 8 hours ago Amusing rumor, new Megaman game coming to consoles next year including Vita....


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