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< Kresnik Having now spent 20 hours with Dead Island, I cannot understand the backlash it gets. I cannot stan
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< pokoko posted something on Kresnik's wall:

I don't understand. Why don't you think the Touhou Project games are important? Your negative stance leaves me somewhat miffed.

I am confused.

4 days ago

Being in charge of small Japanese game threads is a great responsibility. I understand. I was too harsh. Perhaps there are no Touhou girls that strike your fancy, as impossible as that sounds.

3 days ago

Oh of course, there I was thinking it was your fault for not making the thread about it when all the time it was my fault. Oh it's so obvious now I've seen the light!

3 days ago


3 days ago

As long as you understand. I forgive you. =]

Though I'm not sure what this has to do with gnomes ...

3 days ago

< Kresnik updated his status:

Having now spent 20 hours with Dead Island, I cannot understand the backlash it gets. I cannot stand "loot everything and go wherever you like" WRPG's (Elder Scrolls; Fallout) yet I've had a blast with this game. Recommended.

< Wright posted something on Kresnik's wall:

Danganronpa director said the ending of the new Zero Escape is out of this world. Are you hyped?! :P

Out of this world, like dis?

I still need to play 999 and VLR, sadly.

on 09 July 2015

Can't see your video, but it's a shame you haven't played 999 or VLR.

They're probably among the most unique visual novels ever created. The writing is purely outstanding.

on 09 July 2015

I'm definitely meaning to try them, but I don't have an easy way to play 999 right now and I don't want to start with VLR.

on 09 July 2015

I'm definitely meaning to try them, but I don't have an easy way to play 999 right now and I don't want to start with VLR.

on 09 July 2015

Same here Krezzy. We'll get them someday!

on 11 July 2015

< green_sky posted something on Kresnik's wall:

Hello. Hope you are having a good summer.

haha. You do know what I like on my wall!

It's nice to hear from you green_sky! My summer is going okay - nothing too eventful. How are you doing?

on 07 July 2015

Ahh yes. :)
Doing okay too, Kres. Summer has been pretty uneventful on green sky's end too.

on 07 July 2015

< Conegamer posted something on Kresnik's wall:

Hope you didn't miss me too much

Things have been crazy here. Lots of changes...but things should hopefully stabilize a bit now.

I always miss you, Coney!

on 05 July 2015



Just need to get used to a few things...which will probably take a while but change is good in the long run I hope. Work is going nicely too, was at the AELTC yesterday!

on 05 July 2015

Why not just type "tennis"? I had to google that :P

Glad work is going well!

on 06 July 2015

You know me. I like to cause trouble :p

How are things there for you?

on 06 July 2015

Getting by. Work is busy and my real life... isn't really going anywhere at the moment. Heh!

on 06 July 2015

Poor'll be fine don't worry!

on 06 July 2015

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tri-Ace/Spike Chunsoft announces Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky for PS4/PSV

in Sony Discussion 19 hours ago

Well, that's a weird look. Not a massive fan. Still very much looking forward to the game though....

Write 52770

Official Playstation Vita Thread! Digimon Next Order Announced! Dragon Quest Builders! Hero Must Die Remake! Zero Escape 3!!! Digimon Cyber Sleuth coming West! Atelier Sophie! World of Final Fantasy!

in Sony Discussion 20 hours ago

FlorinEmil said:There is a petition for bringing Resident Evil Revelations 2 physical for America and Europe: They won't listen.  People petitioned them for Freedom Wars physical in Europe and it sold like crap....

Write 42

Media Create/Famitsu week ending Jul 26th

in Latest Charts 22 hours ago

How can Makai Shin Trillion be sold out with 17k shipped? Rubbish, retailers and Compile Heart....


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