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< Kresnik Well Driveclub, I really tried to like you, but I've never played such a dull racing game in all my
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< Conegamer posted something on Kresnik's wall:

It begins.

FFVIII, that is.


11 hours ago

It's definitely a different game, isn't it? Just going into the Communications Centre. Seems like SeeD will be an important factor throughout the whole game, actually. Garden is a bit intimidating and I'm rubbish at the card game, but my cards are also rubbish :P

Battle system seems a lot more in-depth and different this time around. Drawing magic is a neat idea; will it still be in 30 hours time?

11 hours ago

Gunblade is literally the best thing they added to ATB in ages. Communications Centre, as in the tower you're climbing up on the SEED mission?

There's a lot of twists and turns in the story. Keep me updated on what you're thinking, I love reading this kinda stuff!

11 hours ago

Yup, pressing R1 is a neat addition. Keeps you on your toes! And yes that's right, just got off the boat and cleared the square, and the squad leader went to the tower. Just met up with the mis-spelt 2013 word of the year (makes me laugh anyway) and, yeah, that's about it.

Shall do! I enjoy our chats Krezzy after all <3

11 hours ago

That cutscene when you're riding the boats in and landing on the beach... I guess you can't appreciate it so much now, but at the time... omg. My mind was literally blown, I'd never seen something so awesome in a videogame. Music is fantastic too.

I think that's one thing that's difficult to argue with FF VIII even for the people who don't like it. The soundtrack is just fantastic, and arguably better than VII.

11 hours ago

Still preferring FFVII's soundtrack right now. Early days though!

And yeah it was a great cutscene. Lots more to come too.

11 hours ago

< Wright posted something on Kresnik's wall:

Reading through Cone's post in your wall, I realize why I loved you so much. FF VIII is certainly a gem. :3

You love me? \o/

And yes, it most certainly is!

3 days ago

< Conegamer posted something on Kresnik's wall:

You'll be glad to hear that I've escaped from the Pony curse. Though now RGE has taken control of my account, which is unfortunate!

Playing through FFVII again for the first time arguably; it's awesome. VIII and IX come next, as well. And congrats on 62,000 points!

First time, whatttttt?!

6 days ago

"Again for the first time". I never finished it before remember?

6 days ago

That's terrible. You're terrible.

Glad you're enjoying it this time around though. VIII is even better!

6 days ago

I'm terrible? At least I use mod chat :P

I also changed my avatar for you too. There's just no winning.

6 days ago

It's a Mudkip avatar. That's arguably worse :P

But talk to me about FF VII! What's happening?

6 days ago

No mudkip love here? :(

6 days ago

I told you that Mudkips are banned.

FFVII is just so very negative all the time. In a good way. Just collected the Huge Materia and am on my way to Cosmo Canyon. It's awesome too; there's a few small bugs and issues but it's overwhelmingly positive.

6 days ago

Just whacked Diamond Weapon. Going to try and finish it tonight so we can discuss it; if you're free ofcourse.

5 days ago

Wow, commitment. But you need to do all the optional stuff too! Youve blasted through the game though, I'm surprised :)

5 days ago

I've done most of the side stuff, bar the Gold Saucer and Chocobo Breeding (which I'm not too fussed about). Clocked around 30-35 hours right now, so yeah. Next stop Midgar!

5 days ago

Ahh... returning to Midgar for that final section is so epic... you've still got a bit to go though, not sure you'll get it done tonight, but kudos if you do.

Chocobo breeding is only worth it to get the gold so you can find Knights of the Round, which is worth seeing at least once. Also needed if you want to take down Ruby/Emerald Weapon.

5 days ago

Yeah but it sounds like a lot of work in order to get a Gold Chocobo. It's neat but as with the Gold Saucer I'm unsure if it's worth it. Need to play FFVIII and IX as well, ofcourse!

Probably won't do it tonight, no. Got too much work to do (meeting up with my lady friend tomorrow) so need to get it done! Maybe tomorrow though ;)

5 days ago

Lady friend!? Yeah, I do need to get on AIM more :P

5 days ago

You really do! I miss you Krezzy :'(

Partway through Midgar but given it up for today. There's no rush.

5 days ago

Hojo is no morejo.

Ugh. Kill me now. That's awful.

4 days ago


I liked Hojo. He was an interesting villain.

4 days ago

He was. Should have worn the ribbon though.

Also, the JENOVA theme! Gonna try flying around a little now we're on disc 3 to see what I've missed. Because Cait Sith is ridiculously strong now.

4 days ago

All Jenova songs are awesome. I think J.E.N.O.V.A is my favourite (you might not have got up to that yet), but stll, yeah. Uematsu at his best.

4 days ago

Definitely. All the songs are winners...well, most of them anyway.

4 days ago

Ugh. Supernova from Safer.Sephiroth is so ridiculous it hurts.

3 days ago

So...erm...what just happened? I think we need to talk about this!

3 days ago

< Kresnik updated his status:

Well Driveclub, I really tried to like you, but I've never played such a dull racing game in all my life.


6 days ago

< Conegamer posted something on Kresnik's wall:

Typical. You have just the worst timing.

15 seconds.


on 20 February 2015

One day we up and talk. I need your help to break this pony curse after all!

on 20 February 2015

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Official Playstation Vita Thread! DanganRonpa Another Episode coming west! Tokyo Xanadu & Ray Gigant for Vita!! Hotline Miami & OlliOlli 2 release dates!

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