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< badgenome posted something on Kresnik's wall:

It sounds like Sword Art Online is coming westward, so you might want to cancel that preorder. Also, nobody likes you.

< Akiran posted something on Kresnik's wall:

Hey, I might've reported someones post by accident. Is there anything I have to do about that? Thanks in advance

You did indeed.

To atone for your sins, you should send me some Vita games.

(But more seriously, no, you don't need to do anything. Just type your comment out again :P)

2 days ago

haha thanks :)
What'd you like? *opens trench coat*

2 days ago

My my, what a fine selection of wares you have.

(Genuinely - Looking at the game collection you've uploaded to VGC, it seems you have pretty similar tastes to me!)

2 days ago

Looking at your game collection, I'm shocked. We really do have similar and fine tastes in games :)

2 days ago

< tbone51 posted something on Kresnik's wall:

do you have that list on comg monthly? can i get it, i think somebody sent it to the comg awhile ago! thankz

Not quite sure I understand you, but do you mean this:


4 days ago

i think thats it! Thanks :)
I would give you a castle for this but i barely can keep up with a small time apartment :p

4 days ago

Np :)

3 days ago

< Acevil posted something on Kresnik's wall:

Make a Vita Niche Thread and make it awesome!

That's... an excellent idea.

Will take a while, but I'll get on it!

4 days ago

Agreed. Good luck Krezzy!

4 days ago

< Conegamer posted something on Kresnik's wall:

Seems like you're still away, so here's something for you. Looks like another Vita game (yes, another one!) has been announced for localization, and it's Tales of Hearts:

Though for now it's only America, us Brits can dream, right?


Don't even care, if there's no announcement between now and NA release then I'll import.

4 days ago

Same here. Been a good day, eh? So happy right now!

4 days ago

Also after today's news, I'm in discussion with my brother to get a second Vita; thus removing the problem of having to share over the year!

4 days ago

Can't tell you how happy I am with all these announcements :D

4 days ago

Yeah, they sorta came out of nowhere eh? Not complaining ofcourse!

4 days ago

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Vote Now! VGChartz's Top Final Fantasy Games: Spring 2014 Edition

in Gaming Discussion 1 day ago

AZWification said: PureDante said: 1. Final Fantasy VII2. Final Fantasy VII3. Final Fantasy X4. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII5. Final Fantasy IV You really love FFVII, don't you? Even a person who voted for it twice doesn't love Dirge of Cerberus!...

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USA Pre-Order Chart (April 12) - FFXIV PS4, Conception II Vita out. Mario Kart beasting

in Latest Charts 1 day ago

Conception 2 - 48k pre-orders. Taking bets on FW sales. I'm thinking < 10k....

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Official Playstation Vita Thread! KZ Botzone available now! New RPG Lost Dimension announced! Minecraft Vita boxart! Freedom Wars, Tales of Hearts R, Oreshika and Soul Sacrifice Delta localized

in Sony Discussion 1 day ago

badgenome said: That's weird. I already had a digital copy of Origins on my PSP, and I'm almost positive Shattered Memories was on PSN, too. Perhaps it's just a regional thing.  They're definitely not up in the UK store; nor have they ever been in the Vita store....


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