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< Conegamer posted something on Kresnik's wall:

Hey Kresnik

Hi Coney.

3 days ago

I think you might be missing the reference here.

3 days ago

Oh. Yes.

Dw bro. I got it.

3 days ago

Yay! <3

So how's things in the buildup to Christmas?

3 days ago

Alreet. Busy with work and my laptop broke recently (so I can only get on VGC for work).

But otherwise good. Having no laptop means I've been playing more videogames, which is nice!

3 days ago

Your laptop broke? I thought you only got a new one recently! :(

3 days ago

Yup, less than 2 months and it broke :P

3 days ago

So are you getting it repaired then? It must still be under warranty surely.

3 days ago

Yeah. I took it in to PC World. Getting it back on the 21st.

3 days ago

Well that's not so bad then. Then we can talk more on mod chat! :-)

3 days ago


But the day after I get it back I'm going down to Hereford. Then after that it's Christmas so I'm probably not going to be on mod chat much.


3 days ago

Well Christmas is Christmas I suppose, so that's understandable :-P

3 days ago

< Wright posted something on Kresnik's wall:


Well played.


It was Rikiya

on 11 December 2014

Saw that dude on Y4's reminiscense videos.

Glad he's dead. He looked like an annoying prick!

on 11 December 2014


He was my favourite character in Yakuza 3 by far!

on 11 December 2014

One of your favourite franchises also happen to be Ratchet & Clank. I'm sorry, Kresnik, but all I can do is put into question your credibility as a gamer.

on 11 December 2014

And Ratchet & Clank is awesome.

Don't you like Gears of War? If so, I don't think my credibility is the one that should be called into check!

on 11 December 2014

Says the guy who thinks Demon's Souls sucks!!!11!111!!!

on 11 December 2014


on 11 December 2014


on 11 December 2014

< fatslob-:O posted something on Kresnik's wall:

I wonder why badgenome likes you so much ...

< Teeqoz posted something on Kresnik's wall:

Happy birthday!

Thank you :)

on 05 December 2014

< Ka-pi96 posted something on Kresnik's wall:

Happy birthday Krezzy

Thank you Ka-pi!

You know, one of my favourite people I met on World of Warcraft had the user name Capi. That's almost like your name ;)

on 05 December 2014

That is very close indeed. Never played WoW myself but glad to see some people there have great naming tastes :D

on 05 December 2014

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