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< BasilZero Final Fantasy VI's Dragon's Den is pretty tough - good thing I know all the set ups and gotten all
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< BasilZero updated his status:

Final Fantasy VI's Dragon's Den is pretty tough - good thing I know all the set ups and gotten all espers and equipment/spells before going in.

Playing the game more than 8 times later and finally experiencing a version that has additional content that is alien to me is a unique experience!

1 day ago

What version is this?

23 hours ago

The GBA version.

I hope the iOS/Android port comes over to Steam in the future.

14 hours ago

< BasilZero updated his status:

Praise the Sun!

3 days ago


3 days ago


Who you be stranger?

3 days ago

< BasilZero updated his status:

"Tries to add Super Mario 3D World to Game list" - adds to wishlist since its the only option , nothing appears on Wishlist n___n.

Charging my PS3 controller, rendering FF6 Advance on PC and playing Super Mario 3D World on my off day ;)!

Will be playing Dark Souls 2 on PC with my friends in the evening. An actual full fledged off day - about damn time.

3 days ago

< MohammadBadir posted something on BasilZero's wall:

Huh we aren't friends yet? >.

We are now :)! Thanks!

4 days ago

Yay! :D

4 days ago

< Ultrashroomz posted something on BasilZero's wall:

Are you by chance excited for FE: Fates and/or SMT X FE?

Both yes.

4 days ago

Cool! :D

4 days ago

Why you ask ;o?

4 days ago

No real reason.

I've been trying to get into the FE series, and I'm excited for Fates.

I want PoR for the GCN, but it's pretty expensive. :<

4 days ago

Just emulate it.

4 days ago

Nah, bruh.

I'm a collector. :P

4 days ago


4 days ago

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Write 131

Diddy Kong Racing 2 for NX!?!?!? RUMOR! NX priced at $149!?!? Rumor too!

in Nintendo Discussion 1 hour ago

Aww not for WiiU? :( Dont care much for NX - I'm still trying to get the fullest I can out of my WiiU....

Write 27

In theory, if Nintendo never gets back AAA 3rd party support than would u rather have a powerful or weak console?

in Nintendo Discussion 12 hours ago

More power so I can see Super Mario Sunshine HD in insane graphics and 60 FPS :O...

Write 98

What was the first RPG you ever played?

in Gaming Discussion 13 hours ago

First RPG I ever played was Final Fantasy IV (II) for the SNES. It was a rental and I had no idea what the hell I was doing or how to play the game. I mainly played adventure and platformers back then but this was a alien experience for me. Cant really remember what made me rent the game but it was during a time I was just randomly renting games based on description and box art lol but not sure...


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