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    < BasilZero This is pleasant news especially because of what happened over a day ago ;)
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    < BasilZero updated his status:

    This is pleasant news especially because of what happened over a day ago ;)

    < BasilZero updated his status:

    Completed my 96th game for the year 2017.

    Game: NEKOPARA Vol. 2

    Genre: Visual Novel

    Developer/Publisher: Sekai Project/NEKO WORKs

    System: Steam (PC)

    Total Score: 80/100

    Value Score: 8/10

    +Great voice acting and artwork/animation

    +A lot of options/settings to customize the game

    -Kinetic visual novel

    -Only Japanese voice acting

    Series score comparison sake...

    Nekopara Vol 0 (PC): 76
    Nekopara Vol 1 (PC): 80
    Nekopara Vol 2 (PC): 80

    1 day ago

    96 games this year?! Those are probably more than the ones I've completed in the past 10 years.

    You shouldn't play so much... or start playing longer games :-P.

    1 day ago

    Combination of the two (Short and long games).

    I dont play as much as I used but its all time management now.

    1 day ago

    used to*

    1 day ago

    That's still a lot of games in one year... and yet, your backlog is still growing!

    1 day ago

    Indeed it is, I wont complain though about it :p.

    1 day ago

    I forgot to put statistics. So here we go...

    This is my 96th finished game this year.
    This is my 30th "Perfect Achievement" Steam game.
    This is my 155th Steam game completed
    This is my 34th Visual novel.
    This is my 3rd finished game in the Nekopara series

    1 day ago

    96 games. And I thought I had beaten lots of games this year.

    14 hours ago


    5 hours ago

    < BasilZero updated his status:

    Pay raise yayness :D

    < Ultrashroomz posted something on BasilZero's wall:

    *pokes tummy*

    Hello there.

    2 days ago

    < BasilZero updated his status:

    For reference.

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    What Are You Getting For Black Friday?

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    Just bought "Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3" for Steam off of GMG.   Steam store is selling it for $12.49 however.....   GMG gives you a 15% off coupon if you are a member and another if you subscribed to their newsletter (can only use one).     Applied it and got it for $10.62 - not bad especially since I bought the PS3 ver for like $30 with the DLC being an additional...

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    Nekopara OVA Completed, Limited Edition Revealed

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    Alex_The_Hedgehog said: I have Vol.0 on Steam, still plan to buy the rest of the series. I would totally watch this.   I have and completed Vol 0, 1 and recently 2 few days ago.   Series is actually pretty good in quality and animation especially compared to other similar budget VNs....

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    Switch battery life ranked by tons of games, based on brightness and Wi-Fi usage

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    I'm impressed with Disgaea's impact on the battery. I hope NISA supports the console more. I dont mind buying their games on the Switch just for the portable ability....


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