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    < BasilZero This is gonna be great :) [img][/img]
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    < BasilZero updated his status:

    This is gonna be great :)

    < BraLoD posted something on BasilZero's wall:

    So I went for the lucky draw and... guess who has a new Overstrike? :D

    I also got Y'shtola Burst on it as well! Though it wasn't Ironskin, I already had her other Super, so she is already a pretty good pick for harder fights that I need to put up a long fight, now Lenna plus Y'shtola Bursts for 2 free simultaneos party heals or let Lenna free for her holy attacks.

    The Overstrike I got was for Zidane, finally a good break for a FF IX char!

    But it's useful mostly on multiplayer raids and daily dungeons, as it boosts gyshal greens and attack if there are 4 girls at the party (would be the whole party if solo, lol, pervy Zidane).

    1 day ago

    Just got 25 mythril and did the lucky relic draw

    I just got Two of Y'shtola's Super Soul break weapons (Omnirod) - the one that gives protect, shell and major regen to all allies - looks good but I wish I could have gotten a skill that heals hp too :(!

    I also managed to get Quina's Golden Hairpin for its Super "Frog Drop" which does 4 ranged physical damage to all targets + temporarily raises the attack of all allies a large amount :O

    I should probably use Quina....since I have their the other weapon that gives Mighty Guard which does Protect and Shell on the whole party.

    1 day ago

    Hmmmm that would make me wanna sacrifice one of my front liners....

    Currently using this as my party....

    Cloud (Frontliner)
    Yuna (Healing Support)
    Edgar (Frontliner - in the back row)
    Rinoa (Magic Damage Support)
    Gilgamesh (Frontliner)

    1 day ago

    Also damn you!

    You always getting Overstrikes lol - my luck is so damn bad.

    I still only have Edgar's overstrike :(!!!!!!!

    1 day ago

    And the one you have I got two, to top it, lol.

    This Quina break sounds amazing, sadly it's Super and not Burst, so no haste + free abilities, but raising attack a large amount is a GREAT break, put her on your party ASAP, switch one of your attackers, you don't need that many, and now with a larga attack boost even less.

    Y'shtola Super that you got twice is the one I also have (once, tho), it's her weapon, her burst is a tiara and you equip on the armor slot, so my Y'shtola has two simultaneous breaks, defense + haste and free party cure. I still think Lenna Burst alone is better tho, as it grants cures me and gives me party cure as well, but instead of giving high single cure like Y'shtola, it gives me a four hit holy damage combo which hits heavy, so I can actually turn my healer into doing lots of damage just as well, not to forget her Burst also grants my party Reraise like Eiko's Super.
    Lenna Burst is seriously the best thing I have.

    My Zidane Overstrike is actually not very powerful, but I like it giving me more gyshal greens and being better on multiplayer (if 4 girls are on, which happens almost everytime, lol, will have to test it there to see if it makes it better than Cloud or Tidus Over's, 'cause they hit like a truck (Edgar doesn't, but he apply debufs which can be exploited).

    17 hours ago

    < BasilZero updated his status:

    The tipster from FFXV looks familiar.......

    < BasilZero updated his status:

    2nd attempt to go to work, roads still flooded and full of empty cars - and police blockades.

    Never seen so many abandoned cars in the road (with water lol).

    Dont want my Lexus to get water damaged :X


    1 day ago

    I wanted to go to work ;(!!!!

    1 day ago

    Go play FFRK

    1 day ago

    Thats what I usually do at work when there's a lot of down time and no tickets to do :3 (and during my lunch break).

    1 day ago

    Are you gonna pull this lucky relic draw?
    25 myrthil for a guaranteed 5* is always nice, but this one also have XIV drops on it, which would be great, getting Y'shtola Ironskin would be awesome.

    1 day ago

    I always go for lucky draws. I'll get it once I get 25 mythril - got like 15 now.

    I wasted on the keeper's relic thing again and didnt notice that the limit of combining weapons so now I got Rinoa's extra weapon for no reason :(!!!!!

    1 day ago

    I'll give you a good piece of advice, instead of pulling from now on (except for lucky), save your myrthril.

    We are not too long to start having new Bursts for chars that already have them and Overstrikes focused on support rather than damage.

    Some weapons will put the chars or even the party on burst like mode, but better and with more benefits, you'll really want to have mythril to try drawing them.
    Later we'll also get some Chain effect breaks as well, but them don't look as good as those.

    Seriously, we will be able to get quite more powerful soon enough, so save it.

    1 day ago

    Yeah I'll do that. I'll only use it for Lucky Draws.

    I'm so hurting for another overstrike and the only good thing or closest to it I got was Lightning's Crushing blow soulbreak weapon :(!!!!

    1 day ago

    Bursts are usually better, anyway, except for Cloud all my party chars have a Burst, even a replacement.

    Those Overstrikes that are focused on support (maybe them won't be called Overstrikes) will be the thing, they give you 3 or 4 boosts, some of those boosts are also very good.
    The second tier Burst are also amazing and have great effects.

    Our gear right now will become obsolete when they hit, though they'll still take some time and come separatedly, plus it'll take a while to the game have a good amount of them and not just a single few, so we still have some good time to save and be prepared to try them and get a great boost in power.

    We should really already be having 120 and even 150 stamina daily dungeons, btw, the 90 ones are so damn easy to me and I'm not even near people with perfect parties of the current gear, they'll be kinda useless once the new gear become the standard.

    1 day ago

    < BasilZero updated his status:

    Welp flooding ahoy.

    No work today ;(

    Rain's pouring harder by the minute, looks like I'm stranded at home.

    1 day ago

    Look at the bright side, you'll be able to beat at least one game today. XD

    1 day ago

    Nah, got a lot of stuff to do today!

    1 day ago

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