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    on 08 March 2017

    Hiya Cloudman. How are you liking your Switch. :)

    on 09 March 2017

    I am liking it quite a bit, though moreso for Zelda than the console itself. Aside from also being a hybrid, it's kinda just a standard console, which I am perfectly okay with :^) How've you been? Do you have a Switch?

    on 09 March 2017

    I've been okay. Took a long break from the vgchartz. I just don't game as much anymore to warrant a purchase of launch console. It looks pretty good as a hybrid console, handheld. Expensive accessories and paid online are not ideal for sure at the moment. I did pick up Zelda on good old Wii U. Will slowly go through it. Only played like 4 hours, the starting is certainly more fun, fast moving and enjoyable :)

    on 10 March 2017

    Yeah, I can see why anyone would want a break from this site. Sometimes the community can be quite a tiresome bunch to deal with. I feel that way too at times, but I just tend to focus on the good aspects of gaming. And it's understandable to not be interested in the Switch. It's better to just wait it out currently. I got it because I wanted to get a console at launch at least once, so now I don't have to do it anymore.

    Hope you enjoy Zelda. I sure am myself :D

    on 10 March 2017

    Hello hi

    on 01 April 2017

    < Platina posted something on green_sky's wall:

    Happy New Year!

    on 18 February 2017

    < Oneeee-Chan!!! posted something on green_sky's wall:

    I'm glad you request to me.

    You are welcome!

    on 13 September 2016

    < green_sky updated his status:

    Playing Twilight Princess HD ^_^

    Good game, if a bit long or i guess slow in some parts. Finally completed it with this version after first starting it a decade ago on Gamecube and then Wii.

    on 10 September 2016

    < Kresnik posted something on green_sky's wall:

    Thanks for the kind words on my wall. Sorry to hear about your accident and the pain afterwards! Thankfully it was a low-speed crash, of course the other side is claiming they've had injuries though (which has annoyed me no end, that's a story for another time though).

    I'm absolutely fine, it's more just annoyance with myself that I wasn't more careful.

    Hope you're doing okay :)

    Hey Krezzy. My accident was about 4 years ago. It was somewhat low impact but boy it messes up the back and neck. Got rear ended and then my car hit the car in front of me from the impact. Pain is mostly gone and just feel it a bit when seasons change. Yea, the paperwork and dealing with insurance is going to be a hassle. Some people involved in the rehabilitation process did urge me to seek damages through legal process. Well they want you to keep coming to them after the initial insurance runs out. Didn't pursue, was travelling in the coming months and well these things sometimes can take a while to sort out in courts.

    Great to hear you are fine and hope your process goes smoothly.

    on 04 August 2016

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    Carzy Zarx's PC gaming emporium - Catch up on all the latest PC Gaming related news

    in PC Discussion 5 hours ago

    Chazore said: The thing is, Skyrim's combat is so bad, I end up going for a mixed class consisting of Archery and spellcasting/minions, so I end up avoiding melee combat at all costs due to how bad it plays and looks. Even though there are combat mods out there, the difficulty also needs to be upgraded when you change up melee, thus making it more tedious to getting it just right. I'd...

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    Carzy Zarx's PC gaming emporium - Catch up on all the latest PC Gaming related news

    in PC Discussion 5 hours ago

    To skyrim or not to skyrim. I generally get too lost in open world games. Also the combat looked super bad but i guess one can do magic, which looks fun.  Or wait for future some still sit unplayed from before.  ...

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    Finally, Someone explains to women why we "manspread" #FreeYourBalls

    in Gaming Discussion 6 hours ago



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