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< Bristow9091 Finally got around to starting Persona 5...
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< Ka-pi96 posted something on Bristow9091's wall:

If I remember correctly you're a bit of a rummy, right? How do you like your rum?

"A bit of a rummy"... *laughs* But yeah, I do enjoy rum, specifically spiced rum, have you ever mixed it with cream soda or root beer? Tastes SO good! :o

2 days ago

*laughs*? As in... understatement?

And no, can't say I have tried it with either of those. Actually haven't had cream soda or root beer by themselves before either. Something to try in the future though!

2 days ago

Very much an understatement lol, and wow, you've never had cream soda? I can understand root beer, I have to get it from the American section in supermarkets, lol... basically imagine vanilla flavour pop and there you go, lol :P

2 days ago

And that's why I was right coming to you, our resident rum expert

Do you ever drink it straight? I've tried, but it's too strong for me without some kind of mixer

2 days ago

I CAN drink it straight, but choose not to for the most part, it tastes a lot nicer when mixed with drinks... if I'm having it straight, it's usually only in a tumbler glass, and with some ice cubes to water it down as I go along so I don't get the mega strong pool at the bottom, lol :P

2 days ago

< Bristow9091 updated his status:

Finally got around to starting Persona 5...


2 days ago

I am doing, although I wish I had more time to play, over two weeks later and I'm only just finishing up the second palace, then again I have put like 27 hours in which is pretty decent considering my time has been limited, lol

1 day ago

< Bristow9091 updated his status:

Just finished God of War... it was beautiful.

yeah it was, that ending. Gave me a semi

1 day ago

yeah it was, that ending. Gave me a semi

1 day ago

inorite, two parts specifically did that, one was the ending, I'm sure you can guess what the other was :P

1 day ago

< Bristow9091 updated his status:

Playing God of War right now, and the only way I can describe it without spoilers is... wow!

< Bristow9091 updated his status:

Just finished another game in time for God of War! Been playing through Fallout 4 for the best part of a month, put about 65 hours into it and I'm just a few trophies away from the platinum... I actually really enjoyed it, a lot more than I thought I would!

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Detroit: Become Human Reviews: 80 Metacritic, 80 OpenCritic

in Sony Discussion 8 hours ago

Those reviews in progress on Metacritic aren't sounding too good for the score, I imagine it's gonna' drop a few points when they're done... ...

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Sony Considering Playstation Classic

in Sony Discussion 12 hours ago

I'd be all for this, day zero!...

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Best N64 game not by Nintendo or Rare

in Nintendo Discussion 12 hours ago

Jumpin said: Wait, are people trolling or did you actually like Quest 64? Personally speaking, I thought it was one of the worst RPGs I have ever played... and I’ve played A LOT of RPGs in my time. Also, one of the worst N64 games, although the list of N64 games is very short, shorter than Gamecube even.   Mcube said: Im gonna guess everyone is trolling since...


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