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Pemalite said:
V-r0cK said:

1) You're telling me that at this moment, or a new gamer, that if I installs Epic Game store that i'll have access to a lot of free and AAA games right now and more than if i were to access PS Plus Extra/Premium or Game Pass?

You would need to build that library.
But if you look here, you will see a few thousand free titles with titles like DOTA, Counter Strike, Team Fortress etc'.

GOG has a list of free games that can be accessed here, some of which I enjoyed back in the day like Dink Smallwood and Postal:

uPlay has it's free games here:

And Epic Store has it's free games here, which includes new free games every week plus a chunk of FTP titles:

Microsoft has it's free titles here:

I would suggest you pay attention to the PC main thread for the latest and greatest free game giver-aways as the PC market is a big place.
Or keep an eye on:
Which will let you know of what is being discounted, what is free and more.

And obviously we can't forget:
Humble Bundle:

Fanatical Bundle:

V-r0cK said:

2) ...that you have to buy

Never asserted anything to the contrary. - It was a counter argument that the "PC Gets no good games only consoles do" when it literally gets all the Playstation/Xbox console games.

Are you new at this?

V-r0cK said:

3) I claim as many free games on Steam, Epic etc.. and honestly only a small handful are amazing and thats from years of waiting

So... Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak is shit to you which was last weeks give-away?

V-r0cK said:

4) Sure, wait for humble bundles and pay more. And some humble bundles 

Bundles are actually cheap, you also give back to charity.

V-r0cK said:

You have $1100 as your budget. You're a new gamer starting right now so any free games that is not longer free on Steam/Epic is too bad and missed.

So the question is ....What is the best value to last you 5 years of gaming without going over $1100?

(this is between PS5 and PC...I think getting a Xbox Series S and GP would be the cheapest for sure)

I am in Australia, so my pricing isn't going to be representative of your pricing, thus it's pointless for me to go down that path.

But you do not need the latest PC to play the latest games, one of my PC's from 12 years ago can still play the latest titles like Hogwarts or Starfield just fine, better than a Series S.

However I am not starting from scratch, so my game library comes with me through the generations without issue and everytime I bring my games forwards to a new PC, the games look and run better.

My first post back here since dickgate last year and I'm defending someone against a mod, and everyone else that misread V-r0cK's post lol...

He's not saying that PC doesn't have great games, that seemed pretty obvious the first time I read it. He's saying that for the same price of $1100 you wouldn't be able to buy many great games alongside your fancy built up PC... by great games I'm gonna' make the safe assumption he's talking about high priced AAA games or games we actually consider great and not just some shovelware shit or something.